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Fortunately, Rheanna covered the female bits, because I can't speak to those, and frankly I'm glad. ;) I do empathize with you guys, but I can honestly say in that regard, I'm glad I'm a man.

Onto the sugary bits. I can't honestly say that I've ever had much trouble with blood sugar being overly high or low. I can go all day without eating and generally won't have any effect aside from [i]perhaps[/i] a headache. By the same token, I can eat until it hurts and suffer no ill effects except the pain of a distended stomach. I generally don't even get drowsy when I eat ludicrous amounts of food, though I do often sleep to let my body take care of the pain. I do get hungry sometimes, especially when I'm active or when I'm on a regular schedule and miss a habitual mealtime, but my life has been characterized by the fact that I don't eat because I'm hungry, I eat because I want to eat.

It was suggested to me by a psychologist about a year ago that I may self medicate with food, and I truly believe that I do. I use food for a number of things, including stabilizing my mood when I'm stressed, depressed or angry. I love food, I have horrendous eating and other food/drink related habits (fortunately no alcohol problems), and have the body to show for it.

As a result of all this, I'm probably not the ideal person to discuss the effects of normal people's blood sugar, because for the most part I simply don't have the experience. Trust me, I was dumbfounded last year when I had the bloodwork and it was found that I'm [i]not[/i] diabetic.

Where I can relate is in the rage department. I tend to experience the punch the wall, primal scream, flashing eyes kind of rage, which fortunately, is tempered by a very strong sense of decorum in public and a very strong aversion to (physically) hurting people, though I tend to have a very sharp tongue and have often used it to hurt those closest to my heart. So, because in public I won't allow myself to explode, I tend to fume. I smolder. And catch me in private, or in the tenuous solitude of my car and I scream, and hit and throw things, it's not a pretty picture. It's something I'm working very hard to learn to get over, to let things slide, and I do seem to be getting better, but I do know what you're going through on that score.

As for solutions, if you do find that your moments of rage are related to low blood sugar, you need to make sure that you don't get low blood sugar. That's a good idea from a health standpoint as well, the Glycemic Index is a very useful tool to ensure that you have a nice smooth, balanced blood sugar at all times. Make sure you always have some food with you, so you can eat at least something every three hours to keep your metabolism running and keep your low blood sugar demons in check. I feel that that's one thing about controlling our ADD brains that's a real positive, the improved ability to stick to a schedule.

Try to stay active to keep the stress from getting too much, because a short ADD fuse becomes that much shorter when under stress. And perhaps look into meditation or other anger management techniques that can help you learn to let go, rather than blowing a gasket every time your blood sugar dips.

I myself am far from the end of the road on any of my recommendations, so please don't assume I'm preaching. These are the things I'm trying to do in my own life to get my own food and anger demons under control, and I'm seeing some success finally, thanks to you all here and a little medication. So please take this as it was intended, an insight into what I'm trying to do in my own life to defeat the rage monster.
[QUOTE=rheanna;3657593]For some of us, the blood sugar has to drop only a bit below normal for us to have a "meltdown moment" when we run into a stress situation. I don't think it has to get down to a point where we are having obvious physical symptoms before we have mental/emotional reactions.[/QUOTE]

I couldn't agree more.

I, too, have issues with low blood sugar causing irritability and rage.. I've learned to always carry food with me. I usually have a granola bar with me as well as some "instant sugar" (mints or candy). More often than not, I eat based not on actual hunger but on when I feel shakey.

I find that taking chromium supplementation helps some with blood sugar regulation. I don't take it all the time - only when I notice that I'm having alot of problems. And, as I'm sure you know, it's best to eat a good balance of protein and carbs at every meal while limiting the simple sugars.

My son (the REALLY severely ADHD one) used to have incredible problems with rage when he should have been experiencing hunger. He'd get so inconsolable that he would refuse to eat. I'd end up forcing a piece of candy or a sip of sprite into him (can you imagine a 6 to 8 year old refusing those?) and lo, and behold, within a few minutes the monster would start to disappear, he'd feel hungry, have a meal and be himself again.

I really think the two are related - ADHD and poor blood sugar control.
Oh, and one other thought. I'm not on it now, but I found that my blood sugar related moods were best controlled when I followed The Zone diet. I think the proportions they recommend of protein/fat/carbs are perfect for me. Why don't I do it now? Too lazy and maybe too self-destructive, I guess.

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