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Hi Donna & Welcome!

I agree with what you've been told above.

Jane's suggested treatment plan is "right on" and I agree wholeheartedly with the order of treatment that she's recommended. Your first step is to get your thyroid levels corrected. It isn't uncommon for antidepressants to be ineffective when thyroid hormones are off. Hypothyroidism can also cause ADD symptoms.

I also agree with Thunor's musings about the use of stimulants in depression. I assume the doctor who thinks the two are incompatible is a GP and a not a psychiatrist because it simply isn't true.

In reading your response on a different thread, I have another thought for you. Your description of alternating periods of walking all night with periods of sleeping all the time makes me wonder how cyclical your moods are. Are there times when your depression is alot worse than other times (for no apparent reason)? When you go through your periods of being unable to sleep, are you also very irritable?

The reason I ask is because I think you should do some reading about Bipolar Disorder. It's a common misconception that to be bipolar, you have to have periods of euphoria. The fact is that many with BPD experience mania as "hypomania" which is not pleasant at all. It is often experienced as insomnia, irritability, racing thoughts, pressure of speech, etc.

Another flag for me was your non-response to multiple antidepressants. Increasingly, psychiatrists are viewing this symptom as a possible symptom of BPD. I think it would be worth your while to do some reading about Bipolar Disorder. There is an active board on the topic here at Dr Jim Phelps has also published a great deal of helpful information on the internet. But, here again, even if you think BPD fits, the first step in treating it is to correct your thyroid imbalance.

Good luck to you.

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