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Thank you for your reply, it is really helpful to get encouragement and some practical advice too. After my long history of various medicines not working like they're supposed to, I have doubt that the "regular" ADHD meds will work on me either. I'm on thyroid med. to help that, but I'm sure you're right about getting some coaching on coping with the ADHD. I got a referral from my GP to a psychologist (not psychiatrist) and so I'll try that. I hate feeling consciousness-affected or doped up (I never even drank or smoked pot in my youth) so non-med. is probably the best route for me anyway.

Thanks again for your response and caring welcome. It sure is nice not to feel so alone.

Thank you all for your replies and info. It is extremely encouraging to me to get positive feedback, input and ideas from people who know.

I think my GP is very cautious, but truly interested in doing the best treatment for me. So, even though not having a quick solution is frustrating, I know it's best to be patient and follow his recommendations. Now if only the psychotherapist would return my calls. (tapping foot)

Your insight about bipolar disorder is interesting, but it is pretty clear that it isn't my issue. I have been assessed by psychiatrists and psychologists on more than one occasion, (during a course of grief counseling the year my father, aunt, grandmother, and a close friend all died within a five month span, during another time period when my marriage was breaking up, and the year my daughter was twelve, diagnosed with ADHD, I was dealing with her on my own while going to college full time, and I felt like I was starting to crack under the stress of daily life) but bipolar was never considered a possibility. Also, 10 years ago, my old GP had tried me on different antidepressants for two years (some of which could have initiated a manic episode) before discovering my thyroid was a little low (and Synthroid turned out to be almost a magic cure for the depression symptoms).

But the idea is interesting, because two of my five sisters have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. One of them goes psychotically manic periodically, but her depressions are easier to lift. The other is never "nuts" except she has a lifelong drinking problem and can get angry and irrational while drinking. Both of them have had much improvement from taking lithium and other meds for bipolar disorder. I read that Strattera can make an unknown bipolar sufferer become manic, and I almost hoped that if I'm really an undiagnosed bipolar that it would give me an episode, just so I'd know what's wrong with me. Alas, it turned me into a slug instead.

However, bipolar disorder and ADHD are often found in the same families, even though the genes that are involved aren't the same genes. Bipolar has many different possible genes involved, but for ADHD it's a specific gene, not one involved in bipolar but a completely different one. It can be expressed differently, accounting for the different types of ADHD.

Also, when I studied psychology in school, it became clear that as a child, I was a textbook case. I could recognize that I was a child with ADHD, but never thought about being an adult with ADHD until other people, including professors, asked me about it. I sort of laughed about it at the time, but the idea that it might be why I am the way I am, stayed in the back of my mind.

I guess life isn't easy for any of us here on this planet.

That psychologist still hasn't responded to my message. I guess it's okay to send an e-mail to her, but I don't want to appear impatient so I guess I won't leave another phone message.

I know a lot of people "self-medicate". The main reason I think I never have, at least with alcohol and drugs, is b/c my sister who's a drunk, started drinking when I was just a little kid. I grew up watching what the booze, pot, and cocaine was doing to her, and by the time I was a teenager I had made myself a vow that I would never abuse drugs or alcohol. My drug of choice as a teen was candy, I guess, which I never considered a drug, but looking back on it, I definitely ate waaay too much sugar. I craved it.

Okay, that was long-winded again. oops. sometimes in real life i realize i've been yakking on and on and on, too. SORRY (duck tape over mouth now)
(i mean, over fingers now)

pfh pfh pfh,


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