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I am very med sensative, and hate it. This morning, I took 5 of the adderall, and 75 mgs of effexor, and still don't know which one is making me .........jittery? I will talk to my doctor and see what he says.

When my father passed away, I took Zoloft, and it really seemed to help. Wonder if I should go that route, or just go back on the Lexapro.......?
:(I hate to keep bring this medication stuff up, but as you all know, I am on Effexor 75, suppose to be taking 150, scard, racing heart, and 5mgs of Adderall for ADHD. Been taking both for almost a month and a half.

I was on Lexapro and it did great 30mgs, but pooped out, so the doc wanted me to try this.

I don't like being on edge. I hate experamenting with meds, getting tired of it. What am I to do next? I don't want to gain weight, for I have worked hard to get to my weight that I am happy with now.

I won't give in to this, just need feedback. I hate taking pills, but know with my background -depression, anxiety, and ADHD, I have NO choice.

Thanks for listening.........:(
Sorry. Did not realize.......
Well, if it worked for you before, may as well bring it up to your doctor.
I know, just getting tired..........Thank you so much.

No need to be apologetic. Getting the right meds and doses for each of us as individuals is as frustrating and maddening as can be. It takes time and with emotions running amok waiting another second for relief is one second too long. Us frequent blabbers here get that because either we are going through it or went through it recently.

Your primary problems are panic attacks, ADHD and depression, is that correct?

I've read many raves about Lexapro controlling anxiety and panic attacks. I was on Lexapro for several months and can verify it works well against depression and anxiety. Adderall is one of the top ADHD meds.

I am becoming more and more reluctant to recommend medications or changes because of the complexities involved. That being said, Lex and Adderall sound like a good match for what ails you. Have you tried the Lexapro and Adderall (no other meds included) specific combination before?

Another thing to look at might be some talk therapy. One of your recent posts brought me to tears. Life has dealt you some bad blows. You may need to work them out with a "live" therapist led support group.

Thank you Bob.

I have tried to be strong, but it is very hard for me. I think I am going to talk to the doctor about just going back on the Lex, maybe a higher dose, and stay on the 5mgs of Adderall. The 7mgs. seem a little strong for me.

Too many things at once can do this to one. You all are my theripist. I went once, and felt he was not interested in the real me? Plus insurance does not cover allot of thearpy.

Thank you for the kind words. I don't like to bring people down, I am ususally the opposite, but lately, just not so easy.........Thank you.....:angel:
I definitely would talk to your doctor about changing your antidepressant. If Zoloft worked before, it would get my vote. IMHO, Effexor is not a good choice for someone with alot of anxiety. It's too stimulating. I think Zoloft or Lexapro are better choices.

You're not bring us down. Don't worry about it!
Thanks, gonna talk to the doc about getting back on the lexapro, I do believe you are correct about the Effexor, but the Adderall could be doing this too, stimulating, but I am focusing better and not dwelling on what I should have done, and do it, so I do think that is helping.

Love you all, like family.:angel:

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