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So yesterday my 5 1/2 year old son was officially diagnosed ADHD Combined (leaning more towards Inattentive than Hyper). This is after numerous doctors in his peds office telling us for over a year and a half to have him tested, and him doing horribly in Pre-K. We had him tested last week, filled out all the questionnaires, had a full physical, had a psych consult, the works before he diagnosed him. I also have Adult ADD and my husband had ADHD as a child so there is family history there. The doc decided to put him on Adderall 5mg cutting the pill in half for the first couple days then upping to a whole pill. After a few days if it's not working to up to 1 1/2 pills and then up to 2 pills for a gradual increase. I'm just wondering what kinds of side effects we can expect on this. Will my son be a doped out zombie (I so hope not!). I just want him to lead a normal life and not have the problems he has (and he does have them) or the problems I have or my husband had. I'm really looking for advice and experiences of others with young children on this. Thanks so much from a paranoid mommy!

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