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Before I give you my info, let me say that different meds affect different people in different ways. My results of taking Concerta may not be what you experience. That being said...

I was first put on Straterra once I was diagnosed, and that didn't work. Then my doc wanted to try Concerta. I started it on a Monday, and on Wednesday I was in the ER with elevated BP, elevated heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. Once I got out of the ER, I called my doc and he said to stop taking it immediatly. Those side effects are extremely rare, but they can happen. If you decide to go with that, just keep an eye on any side affects for the first week or two. If nothing happens (which it shouldn't), then you'll be set. Overall, I've heard great things about Concerta, it just didn't work with me. (Note - I'm on 20 mg Ritalin, and its worked wonders.)

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