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I was offered Wellbutrin by my therapist at a time I was struggling with panic disorder and divorce issues, and declined. I was afraid that the result would be that instead of feeling depressed I would feel even more angry toward my spouse at that time. This is a common side effect of anti depressants including, I was told, Wellbutrin.

I have adult ADD and a child who also has ADD. She started more traditional meds--adderol, ritalin, at age 9 or 10. I can't stress enough that they work very very well for academic concentration. The result of not fixing this problem can cause the kid to develop low self esteem or be depressed and that may be why Wellbutrin was suggested--a sort of two for one fix. It takes a while for the kid to actually realize the positive changes in himself.

I think 14 would be a horrible time to start with Wellbutrin; instead I would consider starting with the simpler solution unless your kid's therapist really thinks the depression is severe. The adderal or ritalin stuff take a few weeks to kick in and maybe up to a couple years to really see the academic results and maybe longer to repair the social esteem issues. It was worth it in my opinion as a parent. At age 14 you also want to offer your child a choice they can actually live with--it's bad enough for them to accept that they have ADD but prob harder to accept that they are also depressed. Give them some room on this choice.

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