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I am currently taking Adderall xr for add and Prozac for depression. The Adderall helps me stay focused at work and Prozac seems to be helping with the depression. The problem is that i do not have any energy or motivation to do anything unless I am at work. I really need somthing to keep me going at home as well. My kids need my attention and my wife could use the help around the house. Has anyone had any experience with combining Adderall, Prozac, and Wellbutrin? I have been on the dark side for a long time and want to come back. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I've never known someone on all three at once, but I don't believe there to be any conflicts between them. I would consult my doctor and my pharmacist to ensure that there are no issues combining the three.

Consider, too, the possibility of replacing the prozac with the Wellbutrin, it may be that you would get positive results from the two.
Thanks. You are the first to respond. I have been looking in to finding a coach or support group to help with learning how to manage my ADD. I think it has led me into the depression I have been fighting since I was about 10. I always had trouble with ADD. I could more than accell at things I was interested in at least until I felt I had mastered them and got bored. This led to lots of conflicts groing up with my parents. They always thought I was lazy or just did not care. Even though several teachers suggested that I get tested for ADD. I don't blame my parents. They are old school in their thinking and do not think ADD is real. I am 31 and just now trying to treat this. Life is improving since I started taking the meds. I can now spend more energy actually attacking tasks rather than fighting what I thought to be personality flaws. I do need to unlearn years of bad habits though.

The ADD has put a strain on my marriage. I think I almost waited too long to address this issue and my wife is expecting the drugs to work majic. I have been trying to explain to her that I have 25 years of keeping a problem hidden to overcome. It is going to take awhile to sort out. Sorry to ramble. Any advice on finding support groups or coaches?
The first thing I'd do is get the book "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!" by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo. It's full of a lot of great info about ADHD in adults, how it can affect us and some strategies for dealing with things. It might also be a good read for your wife so she can see that you're not faking or unique. It'll also show you that you're not alone.

As far as a support group or coach, try talking to your doctor or psych, whomever it is you're working with on your ADHD about any support groups or ADHD coaches they might know of. Beyond that, it's all about seaching: the Yellow Pages, the internet, lists of groups and programs offered by community leagues, hospitals, adult educations centres, etc.

Most important to remember is that you're not the only one fighting this fight, there are many of us going through the same thing. Good luck!

Thanks again.

How are you doing?

I am really doing better with finishing things now. I am also starting to do more around the house which should help the relationship with the wife. The Wellbutrin really hel[s with my get up and go. I just wish I could get an ADD med that would last the whole day. I think she is waiting for more improvement and wants to make sure the changes are not temporary. Anyway all I can do is try. The depression is slowly lifting starting to look for things to. I had gotten so depressed about never finishing anything that I just about given up on starting anything. I guess it is like having lights turned on in a dark room. It takes a little while for the eyes to adjust.

A new problem came up. I now have trouble sleeping. Don't think it is the Adderall because I can sleep an hour after taking it. Doesn't make since since it is a stimulant. Maybe it is the Wellbutrin. Maybe I am just wired up in reverse of what I should be.

I am not involved with any groups or therapy yet. Not sure I can afford the therapy and I am terrified in social settings so I keep putting that off. I think that was due my total inability to get along with anyone growing up. I always managed to do or say the wrong thing so I learned to stay away from social settings. I can always do well with work because that is what I am paid to do. I have made my living communicatibg with people but I am unable to do that in personal or social settings. At least I am aware of what I am now. Now I can wrestle with myself until I learn how to overcome these issues. Funny how one thing can feed off another. Add created and fed the depression monster. Remebering that I have strenghts and talents just like everyone else is going to be key to recovery. I hear that may of us with ADD suffer with self esteem issues. I have not gotten myhands on the book you recommended yet. I have read part of Dr. Amens book Heaking ADD. Never finished reading it though. I was only able to get through the parts that interested or looked like they applied to me. This is mainly due to my prescription for my meds only allows me to get through my workday. I don't get enough to use for my times at home except on my days off. Those are spent catching up on things and spending time with my kids.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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