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Hi! My psychiatrist just prescribed me adderall for ADD. I have heard so many bad things about ADD, and the drugs prescribed for it, that I am anxious, now, too.

First question: I read that you are not supposed to take this long term. So why do the drs prescribe it? What's it supposed to do for me, short-term?

Second: My drs' prescription read Adderall, but when I got the bottle home, it says amphetamine. Is this the same thing? I will be calling the pharmacy when they open, just to check, but thought I'd throw this question in as well.

Third: I am already on lots of meds: Effexor, Lyrica, Ambien, lisinopril/HCTZ, prilosec, Vytorin, xanax, and Albuterol. I've read that you shouldn't take this if you have high blood pressure (thus the lisino/HCTZ), so did my dr make a mistake giving me this?

and Fourth: How will I know if it affects me? If I do see some minor "bad" effects, how long should I take it before I give it up?

I would appreciate anyone's comments on any or all of my questions. As "Johnnie #5" from the movie [U]Short Circuit[/U] said: "More Input!!!"

Thank you for reading.

People that do not live with ADD have no way of understanding what we go through. They think that this can be managed with will power. Take it from someone that has been fighting with ADD for 20-25 years .. will power is not what is at question. Our brains are different and we need help to function with the rest of the world. There are side effects with all medication. Read about your meds as much as your and pick the brains of your doctors and pharmacist. Then you can make an informed decision on what is right for your condition. Yes it a condition that we have. Not a character flaw.

Adderall is a mix of amphetamine salts. The ampetamines the pharmacy gave you are the generic version of Adderall. They work the same. Adderall costs me about 30 dollars a month with my insurance where the amphetamine is about 7.50.

One thing you might want to consider once you get a feel for the Adderall is to switch to Aderall XR. One dose will last me most of the day. The Adderral has to be taken every 4 hours and gives me a roller coaster effect. The XR is much better for keeping me on an even keel. I did have my Doc up the dosage from 20mg to 30mg after starting the XR. It did not give me the ups and downs but also did not seem to be as effective as the immediate release Adderrall. One thing is for sure though. I am no longer like a radio stuck between two stations. I am tuned in and looking for ways to manage my add and rejoin the rest of the world.

I am on blood pressure medicine as well. My blood pressure has been staying within normal levels. I have had no change since starting the Adderall. Everyone reacts differently though.

I am completely unqualified to give advice on how the Adderall will interact with meds you are on. Check with the pharmacist and your doctor. Also, research the meds yourself. There are plenty of places on the net where you can info on drug interactions and side effects. Educaute yourself . Don't just blindly listen to your Doctor They make mistakes too.

Please don't take any of this as fact. Reserch it yourself. I am only about four months into this and learning how manage the ADD myself. This has been my experience so far.
You need more input from a doctor who is knowledgeable about the combination of drugs. You are taking a LOT!!!
Thank you, James0906, for your reponse! You sound like you are doing your own researching, too. Thanks for the character boost about ADD not being a character flaw. That was the first thing I thought of when my P-doc told me that I had it. And, yes, I've had people tell me that I should just "change" how I think, and that they could do it, why can't I? Well, maybe my years of fighting depression stemmed from having ADD. I've recently been diagnosed with PTSD, also, so that definitely explains a lot, for me.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
Yes, Lilliepup, I agree with you, that I'm taking a lot. But, that is why I have the one P-Doc that I do. He is well-known in my area for being knowledgeable. And, I have been seeing him for almost 2 years, so I've come to trust him.

Not to say that I'm not scared about how many drugs I'm taking now. Counting my inhalers for asthma and my pain meds, I have over a dozen scrips!

Thanks for the input!
skyp56, I was trying to emphasize that with so many drugs, you needed good professional input. So I'm glad to know you have a good doctor.

I guess I'm a little surprised and worried at how much advice from one another is being sought here for issues that I believe a doctor needs to be queried.
Hi, Lilliepup
Thanks so much for your concern. :)

I, too, am worried that people won't consult drs, that they just ask someone online and take their word for things. I feel it should be always just "understood" that people see their own drs for questions. Though it is ok to ask other's opinions, too.

I also do research on trusted medical websites, for my questions. I like to know things for myself, so I read up on subjects like my drugs, my illnesses, etc.

Hello, yes the bottle and perscription are right. After reading this I looked at mine and it said the same thing. The only reason it said different is your perscription is faster and easyer for the dr to write and also for the pharmicy can read, the bottle has the scientific name. And you are suposed to take it as long as your dr tells you to. If it starts to not work call and make an appointment and let the dr no its not working. They may up your dose or put you on something different. I was on it for 2 years before my mom lost her job n lost insurance. After I stoped I had the whole withdrawl symptoms for a few days nothing bad just wanted some to help with school and stuff. The only reason I had those was my biological mother was a drug addict and a drunk so taking meds is harder for me because my body eithor gets used to them n they stop working like all the allergie meds or my body gets used to having them and thinks it needs them. If you do stop taking it and your body dod what mine did I found keeping yourt self busy helped me a lot. I only took the addrall during the school year monday thru friday so my body was kinda used to not having it but come summer I kept busy the first few days to allow my body to ajust. But my mom found two products that helped me when I was taking the adderall or not. They are from Market America they are called Vitamind and Greeniedm Vitamind just helps with consintration and thinking kinda like adderall but works thru out the day and it is 100% natural. And the Greenies are just vitamins that are found in salads. One tablet of Greenies is equal to 3 salads. The Greenies you start off slow from one tablet foir two weeks then go up to two tablets for two weeks then you end with three tablets. Both tablets you take in the morrning shortly after you wake up. The Greenies you CAN NOT take before bed as they will keep you awake. Both products are 100% natural. I hope I helped have a good day,
WOW, you and I almost the same situation. Aderall is based on a high fat diet. I learned that from researching the net. Make sure you eat well while taking it or it will make you on edge and jiddery. I was misdiagnosed for years, depression. It turns out the core problem is ADD, which was leading to the depression. However I'm begining to think that it's better to use an anti-depreasant to help with the add symptoms because they give more balance than the aderall. Aderall is like a roller coaster ride. There is a medication to treat depression and add together that I plan to check into. I think it is called celesta. Good luck to you!!!!

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