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Hi! My psychiatrist just prescribed me adderall for ADD. I have heard so many bad things about ADD, and the drugs prescribed for it, that I am anxious, now, too.

First question: I read that you are not supposed to take this long term. So why do the drs prescribe it? What's it supposed to do for me, short-term?

Second: My drs' prescription read Adderall, but when I got the bottle home, it says amphetamine. Is this the same thing? I will be calling the pharmacy when they open, just to check, but thought I'd throw this question in as well.

Third: I am already on lots of meds: Effexor, Lyrica, Ambien, lisinopril/HCTZ, prilosec, Vytorin, xanax, and Albuterol. I've read that you shouldn't take this if you have high blood pressure (thus the lisino/HCTZ), so did my dr make a mistake giving me this?

and Fourth: How will I know if it affects me? If I do see some minor "bad" effects, how long should I take it before I give it up?

I would appreciate anyone's comments on any or all of my questions. As "Johnnie #5" from the movie [U]Short Circuit[/U] said: "More Input!!!"

Thank you for reading.


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