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Hey chick, what you described is to some extent what many of us have gone through prior to being diagnosed.

You already know that being diagnosed is going to be bitter sweet, so you are one step a head of the game, use that knowledge. I myself didn't realize being diagnosed would have that effect on me, it unfortunately took me completely by surprise.

You mentioned that you haven't discussed this with friends aside from one. I myself have found that the more I talk about it the more I learn. It's kinda the same concept of when you think something in your head and then you say it outloud and you're like "that made no sense what so ever!" Don't get me wrong, my friends don't have ADD, so they do their best to understand, but sometimes it isn't real clear to them. I don't talk to them about it just for their sake though, I do it for my own as well. It's just something to think about.

May god strike me dead for being such a hipocrite (spelling????), BUT you can't do it alone. You are not a rock or an island (I borrowed that from some band from the 70's). LOL my therapist would pee himself laughing at the thought of ME of all people saying that you can't do it alone. I still struggle with asking and letting people help me, however, I am getting better at it and I can see the wisdom in it, I'm not a rock either. I guess that' why I am on here.

My assessment didn't take anywhere near 3 hours, it was about an hour. I went in the shrink asked me some questions, took a history, had me do some tests and then assessed it right then. It was painless.

You have had a lot put on your plate starting at a young age. I understand you don't want to use that as an excuse, so don't. Deal with it as you are, in therapy, continuing to recognize the areas that you feel are needing some investment of time, but also accept that there is not such thing as "normal".

In the end if your dorm is a mess oh well, learn how to complete the tasks that need to be completed first and deal with the others later. (eg. School assignment or dishes). You manage to get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, eat, go to the bathroom, etc right, so you will learn how to complete the other tasks in life as well, like dishes, putting away clothes etc.

Give yourself the respect not to be perfect but the belief you can move forward from where you are to where you want to be. You may feel that you have made some mistakes, but if you are recognizing them as such then you have already learned from them.

Remember if you are diagnosed with ADD it's not an overnight fix, it will give you the batteries to turn on the light so you can find your way out of the maze.

I just want to finish with you ARE NOT lazy, crazy or stupid!!!!! :nono:

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