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[QUOTE=Thunor;3727829]Taking naps when on stimulants isn't uncommon. As Jane once explained the phenomenon to me, often we're short on sleep, but our ADHD brains aren't active enough to realize it. Taking the stimulant makes the brain active enough to realize it's sleep deprived and you end up taking a nap.

I haven't experienced this on ADHD medication, but I did when taking a cocktail of other stimulants in attempt to lose weight before my ADHD diagnosis. Make sure you're getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night, and you may find that this issue improves.

In regards to Concerta, I found its effects somewhat underwhelming myself, I had more luck with Ritalin (ironic, since they're both Methylphenidate) and Dexedrine.[/QUOTE]

hi there just read your post can i ask do you manage to sleep 7 or 8 hours my son is 11 with adhd and takes concerta and amoxtine he has terrible probs sleeping and takes melatonin which i must admit he sleeps better than he used to but only for about 5 hours which i feel if he had a good nite sleep he would be so much better.. is this a side affect from medication or adhd??
Yeah, that's common with ADD'ers, though most of the ones I know will periodically crash and sleep for a solid day.

Does he get enough exercise? Does he worry a lot? Is his room dark and quiet enough? Maybe he needs to spend a few hours winding down in the evening, away from TV and such. Or, maybe a diet change could help.

If you've tried all these simple things and he still doesn't sleep, then I'm not sure.
Hi helen,
I have found that as my son has gotten older he has seemd to grown out of one phase of behaviour and into another( ha ha ) In regards to meds my sons peadtrician did say to me that it is possible to take the 4 hour ritalin just until the 12 hour ritalin kicks in.I found that using the short acting ritalin as he got older the rebound was more likely to cause frustration as it wore off.
When my son was in the first year of secondary school we had the same problem what I ended up doing for my son was in the morning I gave him the 4 hour ritalin and then at recess time around 11.oo we ended giving him the concerta.That worked for a good two years or so.Then we found he was getting grumpy at recess and we opted for a small top up dose of Ritalin LA. He is 14 now and he takes Concerta 56mg and a secondary Ritalin LA 20mg and that combo is fine. We find it wears off around 4pm, but thats okay.We don't give him any for afterschool homework as he does not sleep. We have had strange epeisodes with Clonidine ( catapres) which was given to help sleep. We don't use that anymore as he got really bad night sweats and nightmares.
With my sons behaviour behaviour there was usually a underlying motivation. I suspected he may have secondary learning issues but they were masked as he is very bright, which is half his problem.
Two years ago I made the bold move to home educate all four of my children for 12 months via a supported correspondance program. I found this was extremely stressful but at the same time, I was able to find out the exact reason for my sons frustration. I found that although according to the Wisc he is almost in the Gifted range, the reason why he appeared to be acheiving at the same level as his peers at not to his true intellectual ability is that he is dyslexic and has working memory deficits.
I subsequently have gone on to do a couple of teacher training courses in special education so I was able help him with some of his weaknesses.
It helped him immensly to experience acedemic sucess rather than being put down for not trying or being labelled as lazy/does not want to learn.To cut a long story short he is now back at regular school and he does all the work and extension given, the downside is that now he has worked out that once he does what is required and the extra extesnion given this entitles him to a stuff up allowance. This ensures that I am on a first name basis with the principal.
The other thing that may be happeing to you son is he is experincing the effects of anxious arousal. This means the student becomes hyper anxious as they are unable to process all the external stimuli that is bombarding them all at once. This slowly builds up like a volcano throughout the school day, when all of a sudden it becomes too much and the student explodes in hyper frustration. One on one eases this sceanrio. Perhaps knowing this is a pattern perhaps he could be given the task of going to fetch things form the office or somthing else at the end of the day, or be allowed to go for a short walk around the class etc. This is what my sons school did for my son that ten minutes in the last period of the day has been the saving grace for my son and school.
I have found over the years that up until now my son has behaved badly to get out of tasks that he intelligently knew he was not able to do.Throughout primary school he was able to do all his work upon his acquired knowledge ( head stuff). It was not until secondary school that his deficits were unmasked.
I would suggest that perhaps a underlying learning disorder could be the reason why you son is feeling frustrated. It is important that you make note of the class and time of this bahaviour. It if happens everyday at the same time it could be a medication issue, eg silly impusive beahaviour at the end of the day regardless of what class he is in could be indiciative that the concerta is not holding him, alternative doasage/combo needs to discussed with you doctor.
If he is acting up repeatedley in selected classes such as english of heavy acedemic subjects could be indicative of potential learning issues, eg dyslexia, auditory processing diffiucluties, or a possible pragmatic deficits,and many others which are worth further investigation. The other tricky thing is that Adders vary form day to day it is the nature of the Adhd. I have often wondered if in fact he may be schizoprenic , we have had that checked but the pscyhiatrist told me that how the disorder can appear. i I feel for you as I have been in your shoes, there is hope at the end of the tunnel I am just coming out the other side now. The Adhd lessons as boys get older than comes the challanges of adolescence, that can't be controlled by medication only remedey is endurance by the parents. ( ha ha ). keep smiling jell.

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