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Do I have A.D.D?
Oct 30, 2008
Hi everyone. I'm asking this question because for the last 4-5 months I have been feeling (more than usual) that I cannot focus on anything. I do not remember anything that I read, especially for college courses. I often forget what I just did two minutes before what I am doing now. I find myself with plenty of free time, but always get distracted by ANYTHING, especially just my own mind thinking about something else when I am trying to study or read. I often feel myself losing my train of thought and veering off into something else and its really gotten bad and scary. I know this is wrong to do, but I used a 10mg adderall pill the other day from a friend and I felt normal for the first time in a long time. I feel like my life is slipping and I can't do the simplest of things. My problem is that I am afraid, even though I'm 19, to discuss this with my mother. I know what her response will be as she is totally against pretty much ANY drug treatment, even if its IB-profein. She is going to ask why this is coming up now, and will contribute it to me just wanting the drug for other reasons. I am away at school and cannot schedule an appointment with my family doctor because of this and wanted to know if it is possible that I can visit a doctor or urgent care clinic to be evaluated and prescribed adderal or an add drug similar to it. I cannot spend much money either but I know I need to do something. Can someone please help me and suggest any actions I can take?

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