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Hi everyone, I'm new to this message board and I have to tell you that I joined after I was reading some of the threads you folks wrote!!! :D

There was one that Bob wrote and he said near the beginning of it that it was going to be a long one (kinda like this one). He went on and on (in a good way - I don't want that to sound like I thought he rambled or anything), he said he went back through it to edit it etc, anyway, I don't think anyone who didnt have ADD would have been able to follow it but it made perfect sense to me and it was at that point that I decided to join!!! That is actually one of my husbands biggest complaints about how I tell a story or talk about work. He says I jump around from one part of a story to another. I don't know what he's talking about, the flow of my conversation seems perfectly straight forward to me.

So it's nice to see the writing of others who get it, as you know it's hard to explain to friends and family the organized chaos in my head (yeah yeah yeah it's not really organized I know, but it's what I am telling myself as I was only diagnosed a year ago and I am still coming to grips with the whole thing).

So I hope I'm not breaking any posting rules, but I'll give a brief history of me. I'm 33, married, no kids, somehow management to graduate from university (which was before I knew I had ADD so I just thought I wasn't that intelligent and just scrapped by. Although I didn't really understand that because my teachers wanted me to skip the 5th grade but my mom said no because I was already a year younger than my class mates).

I have been on 54 mg of Concerta for about 11 months (started at the 18, went to the 36 and then the 54, so that progress took about a month or two). I initially self diagnosed my ADD in the summer of 2007 after reading an article in a Canadian magazine (Living) ;) . It took a few months to get into to see the shrink for confirmation and in October of 2007 I was officially an ADDer!!!! (I'm still learning, but there are days where I wear my ADD like a gold medal, it's part of me and makes me who I am. There are still those other days where I curse my brain for not working like everyone elses).

When I was first diagnosed I wanted to learn everything I could about ADD, how to organize my life (like that book with the one style of black socks and one sytel of white socks and toss the rest - I wonder where I put that book??) and well you all know the drill. Then I had enough of it and I didn't want to think about it, LOL, because not thinking about it would make it go away right???? WRONG, if only eh?

So that brings me here, I need to stop jumping around from one interest to another and learn what I need to about myself. (It's almost like I'm an information - can I say that word???)

Enough about me, finally.

Thunor, it sounds like you are heading down the right path. Hard work (along with tears, yelling, frustration, good days & bad, long bus rides etc) will get you to your goals!!! What are you taking in school? I thought I read somewhere that you wanted to be a police officer, is that correct??

Rheanna, you sound like a wealth of good information and experience (I look forward to reading more of your posts).

Bob, I love your wordiness, as you can see I can relate.

In closing, I thank all of you having ADD and willing to share your life. I look forward to learning all I can.

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