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Several weeks ago I was prescribed (one a day of) 15 mg of Adderall
Extended Release. It worked great for the first day or two. I could focus.
Then after about 2 days I felt like it really didn't work as well.

1 Month later went back, was upped to 1 pill of 20 mg a day. Same thing,
first day or 2- great focus. I felt like I was probably creeping my
professor out b/c of my intense focus on him (which is great b/c it's a
difficult class for me and I always zone out).

But after 2 days- I'm back to normal. I don't get to go back for another
month. I have some important papers coming up due and I just
cannnooot sit down and do them!! I've gone to the library twice to work
on them and I just can't make myself do them. I also have exams soon

Recs for what I can do to help myself right now and recs for when I go
back to see the psych?
Also she said that when I came back if this wasn't working that she would
probably want to put me on the regular release and take maybe 2 a day.
But I have classes from 9 am up until 8 pm, so that's not going to cut it.
She knows I have classes all day too. I'm not sure what to do..
Well, you could try taking the medication only a few days a week, skip it on weekends or days off.

Another thing: Do you sleep okay after you take it? ADD meds are ineffective if you are sleep deprived, all they do is wake you up a little bit.
Hi Jane! Thanks for the reply!
I suppose I could skip it on the weekends. The only problem is that I still have to study and do homework on the weekends so I still need to focus.

I do sleep fine while on the Adderall XR, however sometimes I can only get between 5-7 hours of sleep because of my class load and going to work. That still is pretty substantial I would think, maybe it is not enough for the Adderall to be effective?
For most people, 5-7 hours is enough sleep to function, but it's not optimal.

You could certainly try getting more sleep.
Yes, I do always try, but there just never seems to be enough time :)
I also notice that when I drink more juice, the medicine is less effective.
I know where you are comming from, I have 2 young kids, work and go to school. The XR didn't work for me at all, i was taking 30mg of XR I couldn't even tell that I had taken any. So my Dr switched me to regular adderall, 20mg in the am, 10mg in the afternoon and as needed he told me to take 1/2 the 10mg around dinner if I had a lot homework. The regular adderall works really well in my case, I just have to take my booster before it wears off. I've been taking adderall for 7 years, except while pregnant, and it works just as well now as it did when I started. Oh and I'm lucky if i get 5 hours of sleep a night, I seem to function better on 5 hours than 7 or 8. Hope it helps, good luck!

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