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I also started taking adderall xr yesterday, I was suprised at how it affected me. I am 42 and recently diagnosed will inattenative ADD, Ive always knew I had something that wasn't right. I have been reading books to help me undersstand this. I was encouraged after meeting with a psychologist and a psyciatrist, thinking that meds would relieve me from years of inner confusion, self doubt and depression from this disorder. Ive always struggled with what an average person might not. I have three children, after my third child I became overwhelmed and depressed. I tried different antidepressants and nothing worked. I ended up trying herbs, I wanted to loose weight so I got on a diet pill with ephedra in it. I was amazed how I felt, did not feel overwhelmed, my thoughts weren't constantly roming, I was able to focus and concentrate, I became a what I call a normal mom, I knew something had clicked and I felt together. I took this herbal supplement for 10 years and was happy and felt normal. When ephedra became a controlled substance, of course, I came off of it and all my symptoms came rushing in, locking my keys in my car 2 times in one week, forgetting to pick the kids up from school, ect. which mad me feel like a failure and depressed again. Struggling to find something to take ephedras place, I tried over the counter everything. I realize now that (ephedra) must have worked for me like stimulants help add. It relieved my symptoms, I was self medicating myself for add and didnt realize it. I called it my antidepressent. Desperate, I found myself searching the internet for answers to my so called "dingy" disorder", or reasons why I felt deppressed. I read about add and it was if I was reading about myself. I went to a therapists and he aggreed that I did have it. When my dr. gave me the meds adderall xr I was so encouraged. This is my second day on it and I feel buzzed and sleepy, I dont feel as overwhelmed but I have a depressed feeling. I feel calm, almost too calm. I could go to bed but refuse to. I do notice a slow response to things, conversations, but am able to focus on more than on thing at a time with out feeling anxiety. Not what I expected. I'm scared and confused on what to tell my dr. I don't want to feel out of it, I want to feel into it, life. He just knew I was going to walk in his office a new person. I still have the same unorganized piles around me with no desire to attack them, the difference is I dont feel anxiety about the piles, (does that make sense). I want to be able to feel like when I was on ephedra, focused, attenative, motivated to live, do things, laundry, be able to listen to my children conversations without drifty thoughts. . . normal. Any suggestions on anything will be appreciated. :confused:

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