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Well, that's an interesting question.

Most people with ADD can overcome its effects by trying very hard. However, as James pointed out, no one can try that hard every single day of their lives. You'll eventually get sick, depressed, go nuts, or just be too tired to care. Before I was diagnosed with ADD, I knew that I could pay attention in class if I tried really hard. What I didn't realize was that most people didn't have to put in extraordinary effort to listen to a lecture without spacing out, or to complete simple homework assignments. I could do those things once in a while, by working myself into a frantic sweat, and I thought that everyone else, all the good students out there, worked that hard [I]all the time[/I].

I've taken Dexedrine and Adderall, at various times. I take a very low dosage, because more makes me feel sick and "wired". When it's working, I don't feel particularly different, but I can sustain concentration for a much longer time. Without being terrified or furious. Now, my doctor gives me one bottle of Adderall per year or so, and I take one when I need to do something I find particularly difficult.

It might be worth considering medication again. Did you try a lower dosage of the one that worked but made you sick?
You may have already tried these. If not it might be worth talking to your doc about it. I hear Strattera can help some with ADHD and it is not a stimulant. Maybe you are sensitive to stimulants for some reason. Another to consider would be Welbutrin. It is mainly prescribed for depression. That is what I take it for in combination with Prozac. The Prozac helped with the darkest feelings and impulses related to depression but did nothing to help me regain my motivation to function. If anything it actually lowered my energy level. The doc added the Wellbutrin to help pick me up. It has given me a boost and I am actually starting to take part in normal life again. To get to the point. Sometimes Wellbutrin is prescribed alone off label for adhd. You might consider talking to your doc about trying it alone or in combination with a stimulant med such as ADDerall or Dextroamphetamine. I hope this helps. If you have already tried these then I hope you find something else that works for you. I know the fustration of not having what you need to function in a way expected by the rest of the world. I think that is what caused my depression. I have hopes that the management of ADD will enable me to live without antidepressants some day.

It sounds like you were diagnosed earlier than some. I was 30 before getting checked. There are many years of failure and inability to relate to the normal people that I am working to overcome. May be you are better able to cope without meds due to skills you have learned from coaching, support from your friends, and awarness of your condition. It does sound like you are still looking for a little something to help you conquer ADD. I don't know if people really grow out of it or if they learn how to control it over time. Good luck.

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