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I am so sad for my little guy. I had a LONG series of extensive testing done for my son to rule out ADHD and Dyslexia. I found out last week that he does have ADD (though he is off the wall hyper, I though that was ADHD?) and some "photopic" issues that make letters dance around on the page. The surprise is that he ALSO has a sleeping disorder and auditory processing. I feel horrible for him. The poor baby goes to bed at 8pm on school nights and wakes at 7am. Apparently he is not sleeping through or has some involuntary movement keeping him from deep sleep.
My questions (as I am new to all of this):
Does anyone know if all of these are linked?
Anyone ever heard of ADD that 96% of the time does not respond to stimulant medication? That is what we were told he has. I am not upset by this news, I was hesitant about medication to begin with. I just wanted to know what we should do to help him (I heard fish oil in it's natural form helps). It will take a few weeks for the official report to be mailed to me, that is why I posted here.
Okay, who performed this testing? What type of testing and what type of professional?

Stimulants are not helpful for everyone with ADHD, but I'm not aware of too many good ways to tell in advance who they will work for and who they won't. Generally doctors just test.

Just about the only dietary supplement I endorse is omega-3 fatty acids. If seafood is not a regular part of your diet (I see you live in the midwest) then it's worth considering.

I don't know too much about the specific learning disabilities, although I know there are specific training techniques which can minimize their effects.

How did they establish he has a sleep disorder?
I took him to a "Center for Attention, Learning and Mental Health" (CALM Clinic). He had an EEG performed and some memory testing that showed signs of sleep deprivation. Since he is essentially "asleep" for 1 hours a night, we were referred to a neurologist to investigate the sleep disorders. I have ordered the Omega 3's in their natural state until I hear more from the doctors with the written results. Until then, the school has been less than friendly with me about the whole process. Why do we as parents get so much blame?
My son (6 and in kindergarten) was also diagnosed with ADD, and they are pushing the drugs big time. He is not disruptive in class, "just" inattentive and unfocused. Sleep deprevation and food allergies are just some of the things that can cause a false ADD diagnosis. I've noticed my son has sleep apnea, and am in the process of getting him tested. I currently have him on a great fish oil, plus an ADD specific liquid nutrient. Good luck to you!

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