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well i saw my dr first then they told me to see a psycologist when i got diagnosed with ADD when i was 19, im 20 now....they gave me stratera which helps with ADD and ADHD, so it really calmed me down but i didnt have ADHD so i didnt feel like myself...also if i forgot to take i would become violent so i just stopped taking it...i havent tried any other meds but im taking gingko and ginseng which you can get at a drug store and its more natural...gingko is for memory and ginseng is for energy...its been helping me enough to learn ways to cope with it but its still hard at times...i dunno the meds scare me just because i know people that buy aderal just to snort it to feel good..but i actually have heard a lot that aderal really helps.

i decided to get diagnosed because reading was really hard for me, i would constantly switch words around...not letters, full words...and sometimes its like reading a different language and trying to understand it....if im writing something i will erase it or start over until it looks big on video games and i couldnt finish a game i would always start a new one....i mean this is true to everyone but i wouldnt listen in class if i thought something was boring, but the thing is that i wouldnt even try, i didnt have the drive to disorganized and messy...theres a lot of other things that go along with it...

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