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Thunor: I started off on the lowest dose, and gradually increased up to 300mg of WB. Honestly It was quite some time ago, and I have since changed meds. My Dr. believed it was time for a switch because the concerta wasn't working with my metabolism as it once did. He prescribed adderall xr 20 mg once a day. Which gradually increased to adderall xr 20 mg 3x's a day (2 in the am, and one mid-afternoon). I stayed on this dosage for almost a year and in Jan/Feb of 2010 I lost my health insurance and have been struggling to pay for Dr. visits and the meds..forget about it! The meds cost me a full weeks pay!! However, right before I lost my health insurance, the insurance company discontinued paying for WB, they would only cover the generic..which to me was a HUGE difference in how it affected me. The generic (to me) was like a placebo, and did absolutely nothing! To sum things up to date, I'm currently taking adderall 20 mg, and fill the full 90 that is prescribed..however I stretch them out as long as possible, taking 1-2 a day..and find that when I only take one...mid afternoon I have NO desire to accomplish ANYTHING! I'm tired, I crash, and resort back to redbulls. And still cant concentrate! But when i atleast take two, I'm good till about 8ish..which is prefect!

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