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[QUOTE=armyofone0508;3912683]yea my doctor said it had some anti depressant properties in it. i know people who've taken it for that and felt better...prolly because it makes them 'high'....[/QUOTE]

I don't know why you're assuming that having a CNS (Central Nervous System) Stimulant help boost your mood or energy level automatically means that it's a 'high' --just to be honest, you're flat out mistaken.

It's such a shame that people have abused this whole class of medications (Adderall, Ritalin, Dexadrine, etc.) to the point that it makes it much harder for people who *don't* abuse it and who are helped by it to get prescriptions and even talk about them. Oh, and just to cover the bases, I've seen a few people around here say that Adderall is the same thing as Meth. It is *not* the same thing as Meth (chemically, seriously, it's not).

Anyway, sorry, I'll get off of my soapbox, whoops ;)

To (hopefully) answer your question CB,
It's not all that unusual for psychiatrists to prescribe traditionally ADD/ADHD medications 'off label' for depression once the patient has tried and failed at responding to the first line antidepressants. It also has the perk of being able to see the results (or lack thereof) right away rather than having to wait several weeks or months like most ADs.
I'm not sure how often Stim.s get prescribed to her age-group however, but if she has a healthy heart and blood pressure I bet it'll be just fine. I could see why you were surprised, but it's a perfectly legit off label use and I wouldn't be worried about it if she has a decent relationship with this doctor and has tried regular ADs already with no relief (the doc is a psychiatrist, right? I wouldn't want my General Practitioner dealing with complicated off label uses). Actually, it'd really suck if she was stuck with a doctor that didn't try new things after that long-- after all, 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.' Another thing they might try is a mood-stabilizer (often used for Bipolar I or BPII) like Lamictal which has AD-properties, in fact, it was my miracle medication for getting rid of my depression. Anyway, back to the Adderall thing:

For instance, take myself for example-- Adderall in no way makes me 'high' or 'speedy' and I've never abused it, nor *could* I abuse it since it doesn't do anything like that for me. I started taking it for treatment resistant depression when I wasn't responding well enough to your typical antidepressants under the care of my Pdoc. It helped give me enough energy/motivation to at least get moving at the beginning of the day rather than not being able to get out of bed for hours and hours. Adderall is one of the meds that kept me afloat while I was looking for a better long-term medication, but I didn't want to have to rely on it for relieving my depression. I still take it now that I've found Lamictal (am on a couple of other meds too) but that is to help my unknown-source fatigue, with the perk of being slightly good at warding off depression if there were any to ward off after the Lamictal.

I'm sorry that this turned out so long, but I hope it is helpful and that your friend finds some relief's good she has a friend who is there for her.


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