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No, I don't think I annoy people, as I am not fidgety. I can sit still if it is something interesting. I do get easily bored with things though if I am not interested in it and either mentally or physically move on. I can sit at this darn computer for HOURS though.

I hang my keys on the same hook when I come in the door, so i don't lose keys......

Yes I can become almost CONSUMED not just absorbed into activities. Like when I get something in my mind about something, I'm like a dog on a bone, I can't let it go. For example, I started a video tribute to my sister who died in a car accident. It totally consumed me, for hours and hours and hours until it was done. So I have the ability to focus and stay on task. I just move fast and go fast and can't sit still doing NOTHING. I have to be doing SOMETHING. Even if it is just sitting here at this computer looking up stuff that crosses my mind, .

My elementary school reports said that I needed to learn to "pay attention", or to "stop day dreaming". All I personally remember is that the teacher kept going over the same stuff again and again and in my mind I thought "ok, already, I got it, lets move on" and when she didn't, I would pull out a book and hide it behind my school book and start reading a good book, or I would "tune" her out and think about something else or I would look out the window at the fields or the playground.

[QUOTE]Does your home or office suffer from an advanced case of "flat surface syndrome," meaning every flat surface available gets covered in STUFF?[/QUOTE]
OH no, just the opposite. Drives me NUTS to have clutter and dirty house. Don't open my closets or my drawers, as they are not nearly as organized, but you could eat off my floors.

[QUOTE]If none of these sound like you, ADD is unlikely. If some do, expand upon them.[/QUOTE]

This is day three of the Ritalin. I MAY have an INCREASE in energy level but that is a BIG MAYBE. I really can't tell I am taking anything. I don't think I really feel any different. S.O. noticed on the first day I took the Ritalin I was "bouncing off the walls" that evening, talking and cleaning and talking some more....I thought I was always like that, but he said "No, you usually have wore yourself out by mid-afternoon and you are more relaxed". (I wake up early with the sun rise and hit the floor running). Well days 2 and 3 he was away on a trip, so all I have to go by is my own subjective view of how I am. And I'd say I pretty much don't feel any more hyper or fast-paced on Ritalin than before...nor do I feel calmer though.
He only prescribed 14 of them, and he did say I should feel something by days 3-5.
Thanks guys for your input and I welcome any further input you may have.

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