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Thanks for all your replies. To answer some of you questions:
It does not seem to affect my work or home life. Other than on those night I only sleep 4 hours, am so tired the next day-but my only other option is to take another round of Soma & Xanax-which will buy me another 4 hours sleep., Then I do wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.
No I don't fidget. I don't constantly be having to move my hands/feet etc when having to sit still.
I am able to spend LONG hours at the computer or at things I love doing. But I do hate games where you have think and concentrate (like chess).
I do move WAY faster than those around me and I think faster and react faster.
I grew up in the 6o's & early 70's before the diagnosis was well known. But after talking to my mom, she said I was never hyper and was a good kid. The other two things inattention and impulsiveness, well I did have/had those.

But the impulseness didn't start til age 24 or so and lasted til age 35. The inattention thing is just in a classroom session. This present since at 6 til even now. I always thought it was because "i got it" already and the instructor went to slow and I grew bored and I would daydream about something else, or hide a book behind my school book and just read.
I am on day two of the 14 day trial of Ritalin ...Day one, I was a bit hyper, had a hard time calming down. Day two , didn't really notice a difference.
I was under the understanding that if I do have adult ADD , the Ritalin should slow me down and allow me to sleep. If I don't have ADD the Ritalin will act more like a stimulant as it is in amphetime.
I apreciate all your input and welcome more.

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