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[QUOTE=armyofone0508;3971456]so...what's the most of adderall xr you've been put on. im on 30mg 2x a day, but it doesn't help like 40 or 60 does. is there a limit to how much you can be prescribed?[/QUOTE]

RE: Is there a limit to how much you can be prescribed?

Most doctors like to keep Adderall at or below 40mg/day. At the <= 40 mg dose, heart risk is minimal even with extended use over many years. Higher doses can be well tolerated on short term basis. On the other hand, solid research shows increased heart risk with higher than 40/day over extended periods. The more over 40mg/day, the greater the risk becomes.

A good doctor will weigh whether the benefits outweigh the increased risk. There is no hard and fast limit on how much can be prescribed. If 40mg IR worked better than 60 XR, go back to the IR. I too have had pitiful results with XR.

I interprete that Adderall's increase heart risk comes not from dextroamphetamine but from one or more of the other three salts of amphetamine it contains. My bases is that once Adderall was banned in Canada where Dexedrine is widely prescribed. Shire's new Vyvanse has only one active ingredient - dextroamphetamine. Think about Vyvanse if the increased heart risk is of concern to you.

Wellbutrin effectively extends Adderall. Adding 150mg up to 300mg of Wellbutrin to 40mg of Adderall might work for you.

We're got a tough bug in our brains, don't we?


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