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:confused:Hello, I am reading some of these posts and it sounds like me! I sometimes wonder if ADD is my problem? I have struggled with anxiety/depression for a while, at least that is what I think it is. I have been on every anti-depressant there is..and still feel blah! I do know I have some OCD issues...but one of my main problems is I just cannot seem to concentrate.
I have a good job, have had it for 14 years, but I spend most of my day surfing the net instead of doing my work. I used to be able to multi-task, but now I find myself very disorganized etc. Also, when having conversations or in meetings, even phone mind will wonder and I will be thinking of something totally off subject.
Does this sound like ADD?
Also, how do you get diagnosed? Is there a certain test? I think it is crazy when you go to DR's and they have told me I have anxiety, depression, OCD etc....but there is never no testing????? How do you really know what you have or don't have?????
I took a test but I think most Dr's go by your symptoms, which can be confused with other mental problems. You sound just like me and I know I'm ADD and taking meds for it! LOL. No chance of menopause or peri meno? I think that's when I sort of changed and lost interest in things, no energy, never excited about things anymore, had things to do but rather do nothing. Don't feel like antidepressants helped anymore either.


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