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I took a test but I think most Dr's go by your symptoms, which can be confused with other mental problems. You sound just like me and I know I'm ADD and taking meds for it! LOL. No chance of menopause or peri meno? I think that's when I sort of changed and lost interest in things, no energy, never excited about things anymore, had things to do but rather do nothing. Don't feel like antidepressants helped anymore either.

Well, I am 35, so peri meno might be a possibility but I doubt. Yep, we do sound alike. THat is exactly how I am feeling and I also feel like antidepressants don't work no more. I assume you started ADD meds? DId those help with what you thought were depression symptoms? I have been doing some research on these (I know, bad), and it seems like they really help in the energy department. If you don't mind me asking, which med are you taking? Any advise you can give will be great. Guess I will make an appt with a pschyciatrist.....or does it need ot be a pschycologist?

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