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My doctor has been prescribing me man anti-depressants over the past 8 months or so to try and help my concentration problems. I think I have ADHD, but have never been tested. A month ago she put me on stratera, and all it does is make me VERY tired. My grades in school have dropped since starting to take it. I seem to have lost my motivation. I have tried adderall before, and I must say the effects were amazing. I am a very calm person, but I can not focus, it takes me about twice as much work to learn something as my friends, and I constantly daydream. When I tried the adderall, I did not feel like I was "high." I acted completely normal, did not daydream, my school work came much easier, I felt like I had organization in my day with a sense of accomplishment. I have an appointment with my doctor later this week, I really want to talk to her about getting tested, or tying this medication out for a month and see what happens. I don't know how to talk to my doctor about it though. I am a 21 year old college student, I work extremely hard, but still have a 2.3 GPA. I think the medicine could be beneficial, but I don't know how to talk to her without coming off as a college student who just wants drugs. I really want help, I want to finish school, and make above a 3.0 GPA. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks
Start off with, "Look, the Strattera isn't working. I've given it a good long trial, and I'm clearly doing worse on it than before."

Mention specific problems that you have. Do you sit down to work, and then realize an hour later you've gotten almost nothing done? Do you find it difficult to listen to lectures, even when you try hard to focus?

Then, finally say you'd like to try a stimulant, because the strattera didn't help.
Simple enough, thanks.
Want to get more depressed?

The U.S. has the highest medical costs in the world but not the best medical care.

How bad is our medical care?

Most medical studies have found that doctors don't order appropriate tests or perscribe appropriate drugs or even deliver appropriate care about 50% of the time.

10% to 20% of those who go to their PCP for ADHD like symptoms get appropriate care - my personal opinion based on the experiences of others and my own.


I don't believe you'll get the care you need from your currect doctor. Perhaps you can get from her a referral to a specialist - one that has dealt with many cases similar to your own.

Bob, I completely agree with you. I did not feel depressed at all when I went in to talk to the doctor about this. After she started putting me on al sorts of anti-depressants I began feeling depressed and felt like I was on my own in the world. One thing she did say was that if I had innatentive ADHD, I would have been tested a long time ago. But I never had a reason to think I had it before college simply because I cruised through the public school system, just like most people do. It wasn't until college that ive had to start paying attention and actually work to make it. My mother has passed away, and I have talked to my father about getting tested, and about how much it is wearing me down that I try so hard and don't do good. He is convinced I spend to much time partying, so I have no support on this, which makes it even harder when dealing with the doctor. Hopefully I can get something figured out soon, because honestly I am about ready to quit school.
It is very very common for bright children with inattentive ADD to go undiagnosed well into adulthood. If your doctor doesn't know that much, then I agree you need a new one. Asking your current doc for a referral is a good way to find one, also. Be polite, just say that you want to talk to someone who can test you for ADD.

Don't burn bridges by saying something like, "Doc, you're doing a lousy job of treating me. I wanna talk to someone whose medical degree didn't come out of a cracker jack box." Even if you think it, don't say it.

And, no, my father didn't want to know anything about my ADD diagnosis. (which I got at 19.) Nor did he want to know about my fibromyalgia, or about the fact that physical therapy for a knee injury wasn't working. I can talk to my dad about anything else, but not the chronic medical stuff. It just upsets him too much to know that his child is broken in ways he can't fix.

Is there someone you can talk to about all this? Once you get the doctor situation sorted out, you might want to look into coaching. It's a little like counseling, but with less emphasis on feelings and more on simply figuring out how to do what you need to do.

Don't burn bridges by saying something like, "Doc, you're doing a lousy job of treating me. I wanna talk to someone whose medical degree didn't come out of a cracker jack box." Even if you think it, don't say it.


It is very hard for me to think something and NOT say it. I flamed one bozo to black ashes. I THINK I reget it. :mad:


Do as Jane says and not as I do. You never know when you may need the dumb, stupid, ignorant, bozo again.

Really, seriously, Jane is right. Always is.

There is no way I would disrespect a doctors knowledge like that. They have WAY more education in their field than I have, or ever will or want to have. As for having someone to talk to about it, I really don't have anybody except friends. I would love to look into counseling and not have to take any medications one day, but for right now, I need something that can help me instantly I guess you could say. I am afraid of failing out of school, or my dad pulling the plug on my schooling because I am not performing very well. Not sure if I mentioned it, but I am an engineering major. I am considered a junior, but have not gotten into a single upper level class yet. I struggle hard enough with my lower level math and science, and have had to take every math and science class twice to get through it. I don't seem to understand why it has been such a battle for me to get diagnosed. I know people who don't have ADHD, and go into a doctor and walk out with a script, to just sell it. It makes me mad because I want help, and I can't get it. Would it be a good idea to make a list of everything I want to talk about with the doctor and take it with me so I don't forget? Because I usually do. Also, I know they are just online tests, but every online adult ADHD screening I have ever taken has said I have adult ADHD, would bringing that up maybe be something that could help my case?

It is unfortunate that you must do the legwork then beg your physician to do her job. That is the way it is. Yes, making a list will help. Oh my, though, erudite doctors don't like self-diagnosis so be careful with the on-line test results.

Well I went in for my apt today, and she asked me how the strattera was working. I explained to her how tired and anti productive it made me. So she asked me if I wanted to try adderall. Figures I get it once school is out, but I start summer classes in 3 weeks, so I will see get to see how it goes then. Thanks for all the help!
[QUOTE=unteng10;3984919]Figures I get it once school is out, but I start summer classes in 3 weeks, so I will see get to see how it goes then. Thanks for all the help![/QUOTE]


Let me congratulate you for handling your situation in a mature, professional manner. I apologize for prematurely and prejudicially throwing your fine physician into my bozo bucket.

For the next six weeks keep a journal and a daily graph that displays how you are responding to Adderall. Use two lines. One to display relative difficulty to concentrate on the priority task at hand and the other to diplay productivity. Use a hardcopy notebook for journal than use the journal as graph source code.

From your daily graphs you can compile graphs to display average values for both periods. More than likely you will experience less than optimal results for a while. Graphs are a powerful debuging tool. Your doctor will love you. Is she married. :D

Thanks for the tip, I will start doing that as soon as my prescription gets filled. Do you think I should take it 7 days a week, or take Sundays off, since that is my relax day? As a matter of fact I don't think she is.
Is doc hot? :D

If you can do it, taking a day off a week is a good idea. You'll get better mileage out of the medication in the long run.

Now, I got to take my own advice and focus on the priority task at hand - work.


Cool, well I will probably just take weekends off then. As for the doc, yeah, I'd have some fun
Ah gotta love insurance. Went to go pick up my prescription, and they don't want to cover it because I'm over 18!
Sorry to come so late to the party, but I thought I'd chime in with my own Strattera experience.

I recently dropped out of a study that used Strattera to treat ADHD and I can tell you that my side effects were similar to yours, but perhaps more extreme. From the day I started the Strattera I was extremely sleepy all the time, to the point that I would doze uncontrollably throughout the day. The day I decided, once and for all to discontinue the med and drop out of the study was the day I fell asleep at the wheel of my forklift while driving through the warehouse at a relatively high speed; I knew right then that enough was enough.

In addition to the somnolence, I suffered severe nausea throughout my time on the medication, all while finding that it did very little to control my primarily inattentive ADHD symptoms. In my experience, Strattera seems to be targetted more toward calming hyperactive symptoms than treating inattentive ones.

I know this thread had gone beyond your original concerns, but I wanted you to know that your side effects are not unique, and that Strattera clearly is not for everyone.
[QUOTE=unteng10;3986372]Ah gotta love insurance. Went to go pick up my prescription, and they don't want to cover it because I'm over 18![/QUOTE]

Because adderall is only for children?:dizzy: What the heck is up with your insurance??? Did you get that resolved? Keep on them and make them cover it! They will give in eventually. Insurance companies, in general, just hope you'll give up and go away.... and most people do.... but if you keep calling and demanding that someone help you, you'll eventually get through to someone who will help you.... as long as you don't have anything potentially fatal wrong with you. If you have a potentially fatal disease, they'll ignore you and hope you kick it before they have to deal with you. It's really rather sad.....

Anyway..... I have insurance denial issues.... I had to comment.... so did you get your adderall? If so, is it working for you?
I did finally get it. It is making a very big difference. I have been out of school since I received my prescription, so I don't know how its going to work in school. It is working very well when I am at work, but also my job does not take a lot of thought process either, so I really can't say whether it is doing what I hope for or not.
I had the same issue with the insurance company. My doc had to do some additional paperwork, but now I'm approved for a year.

I'm a college student also - but a few years (ahem..) older. I had the exact same problems. Worked my butt off, read the same stuff over & over & didn't retain it. I thought it was hormones. Saw my doc & he prescribed adderall. I've tried the regular name brand adderall, regular generic adderal, time released name brand adderall and the generic time released adderall. The regular stuff is like an inverted V - lifts me up & crashes me. The regular name brand time release is much better. The generic time release is the inverted "V" with a big dose of crabby added in. So, I'm going back to the time release non-generic stuff. My doc said that there is often a difference between generic & name brand, in spite of what "they" say. He said the generic time release can be a little rattling for some people. But, you don't know until you try.

Oh, and the concentration is much better. Sometimes I amaze myself by what I remember.

How are you doing unteng?

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