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Try breaking down morning tasts into steps. See if that helps son. We can't keep a list in working memory long enough to complete it. Start with a written list freshly deliverd every AM. Tell son to follow it. First couple of days he may need help.

Example list:

1) Brush teeth
2) Get dressed (You may have to sub list getting dressed for a while. List where/which drawer pants, shirt, socks, etc. are located.)
3) Sit at table and eat breakfast.
4) Go to school (via whatever transportation method employed).

The routine if followed consistently will become habit in about three weeks at which time you can scrape the morning lists.

Let me know if it helps. Lists and sublists are how I manage life. Happy to say that at age 57 I no longer need a morning "boot" list. Some people just take longer to grow up than others. :D


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