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I have a question, and hopefully some of you can help me out.

I have been recently Diagnosed with ADD and have been perscribed Vyvanse. I have had a great response to the medication and I am happy.


When I first asked my doctor about this he recommended that I go have a Psychiatric evaluation done and to let the pys perscribe the medication and we will go from there.

The office schedule my appoint and for my first two visits I met with a psychologist and talked about everything. On my 2nd visit she asked me "ok, you feel you have symptoms of ADD, you need to see the psychiatrist, not me" The next day I returned to my Primary care doctor and told him I have been meeting with "Mrs. _____" he says "you were supposed to see the psychiatrist, not the pyschologist"

After that visit I went and talked to the Psychiatrist and we made progress...

THIS IS WHERE I GET CONFUSED: I get a bill that says I owe $150 for the "social services (psychologist)" and my insurance does not cover them. So I call my doctors office and tell them:
"Hey, I received a bill from the psychologist and my insurance does not help at all, you all scheduled my appointments and accidently sent me to the pyschologist, not the psychiatrist, this was not my wrong doing and the pyschologist should have been avoided all together, I feel I will need help with the $150 bill I am stuck with now because you sent me to the wrong person"

The Doctors office response: "We cannot refer you directley to the psychiatrist, you must speak to the pyschologist and they refer you psychiatrist"

This sounds odd as the pyschologist told me "You should be seeing the psychiatrist, not me" and my doctor also to me "You should be seeing the pyschiatrist, not the pyschologist" (They set up my initial appointments)

Is the proper method Pyschologist refers to the physchiatrist? or is this just a way hide their mistake and not be responsible for the bill?

Sorry it's soo long, but anyyy insight is GREATLY appreciated!!! :)

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