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I like the way Bob answered your questions, so I decided to copy his format....

[B]-I tend to "misplace" things:[/B] [I]all[/I] the time!!!
-(my biggest problem) one min. I will be happy/in a good mood/fine and then the next I am so raging pissed and I dont have a clue why. Usually in abt 10 mins to an hour I am back to "normal":[/B] I'll address this one later

[B]-I am very forgetful[/B]: depends on how much sleep I get and how much chaos is happening in my house (I have a 5 and 3 year old, plus a 10 month old.... all girls!)
-as I am a full time student/SAHM I will ALWAYS procrastinate on assignments do[/B]: Not sure this is an ADD symptom, or just a normal person thing.... :)

[B]-I will spend $$$ going out of style, all the while knowing that my DH and I will have a heated discussion after I come home abt my spending.[/B]: me too!!! [B] Its like a rush to me; I know I dont need it, but I MUST have it. [/B] Before adderall, I did the same thing. I was a major impulse shopper!!!
-I will be late for my own funeral, as I always tend to run up to an 1/2 hour late[/B]: Me? At least 2 hours late for most things.... that was before adderall.... now I tend to still run at least 10-15 minutes late!

[B]-I have NO energy on most days. I keep a good sleeping schedule and I am pretty good about sticking to it[/B]: me too.... before adderall

[B]-I am irritable[/B]: once a month

[B]-I am constanly checking doors and windows before bed to make sure they are closed and locked[/B]: me too, but never more than twice.... and that's usually because I forgot if I had checked that one or not.... you know?

[B]-I have a math dyslexia.[/B]: no idea what that means, but I was never great at math.... of course, I wasn't diagnosed until into my 20's, so I never had the concentration skills for learning math back in the day

These are the things that I feel 95% of the time.

[B]I know that when I took a series of tests for my mental eval. I scored moderate on anxiety, and low on depression, but extemely high on ADD.[/B]: it's so interesting to me to read things like this, because back when I was diagnosed, the psychiatrist just asked me a bunch of questions from a brochure on ADD, and then said if I thought that sounded like me, I probably had it and he put me on adderall.... sorry, that's way off subject!

[B]Meds? I have found quite a few; w/ Strattera in mind as I am not looking to feel "spun"-ever.[/B]: as you might have guessed by now, I take adderall. 20 mgs twice a day. It works wonders for me, keeps my weight down, helps me deal with my husband being deployed, etc.....

[B]Do you have mood swings also?[/B]: Monthly.... but they're much more mild now..... before adderall, my mood swings were HORRENDOUS!!!! Something to keep in mind.... if you are on birth control, it can make it so much worse! I had to quit taking birth control because I got to the point where I almost hurt one of my children on purpose, it was that bad!!! Might be something to look into!
Have you found any meds to be effective w/ minimum side effects?[/B]: I experience absolutely NO side effects with adderall..... I think at first, I had the normal trouble sleeping, forgot to eat (because I was so busy being productive), dry mouth..... stuff like that.... but that went away within the first couple of weeks. Never experienced any "highs" or "crashes," except when I was taking too much, which happens to me after being on it for 6-9 months.... then I lower the dose and am fine.

[B]How about diet changes, beside omitting sugar?[/B]: like Bob, I didn't omit sugar, and I refrain from eating fast food and processed foods. I also avoid anything with artificial colors (I'm sure you've heard of the evil red dyes??? Well, yellows and blues can be just as bad!!!) and high fructose corn syrup. Water is my main drink of choice, and if I have juice, I make sure it is only juice and nothing extra added, and I water it down (that's more for calories though!), and no sodas (unless I am pmsing!).

I never felt the need to bother with [B]herbs or minerals[/B]. The only time I'm not taking adderall is when I'm pregnant and then nursing, and I think most of the herbs and minerals recommended for ADD aren't recommended for pregnancy or nursing..... so why did I even address this? (that's not a rhetorical question.... I just totally lost my train of thought..... oh! It's back....) Because I take adderall, it works great, and I don't really feel the need for anything else.

So that was your questions.... something that stood out to me in your post, was that you've been misdiagnosed since you were 16 (other than the hair pulling.... and from what I read on these boards, I think obsessive behaviors and ADD go hand in hand!), is that right? So I have a few questions for you:

Are your mood swings an all the time thing, or do they coincide with your periods? Have they always been that way or have they changed at all over the years? Do you have a regular menstrual cycle? I know, what the heck does that have to do with anything??? Your mood swings could be associated with your period, but if it's irregular, you might not have put it together.

Also, being a student and a stay at home mom, are you able to fit exercise into your routine? 30 minutes of any exercise 3 times a week can do wonders for ADD!

Okay, those are just the things that popped into my head when I read your thread....

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