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I was prescribed Ampheta S/Combo 20mg 2x a day (generic Adderall) for ADD. I have been on the prescription 7 weeks. I am a 23 year old female, 148 lbs. I have experienced TM joint pain (for the last 2 weeks), tenderness of the jaw muscles, sometimes pain radiating to temple region. I visited an oral surgeon bc I thought it was my wisdom teeth. He said it's from grinding and clenching my jaw during sleep(even though I do need to get them out, he said my pain wasn't coming from them). My PCP just believes it's stress-related. I have a decreased level of stress right now. I am conscious of my heart beating, when this is normally sub-conscious ? It may feel like it's racing, however I am not out of breath? So I am not sure if it is? I was trying to sleep, and could feel jaw moving P-A, A-P, and tongue moving left and right, without my control. My teeth are also aching in front on the top and bottom. Help! Are these temporary side effects just appearing now, or signs I need to switch dosage or medication? I also started Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) 150mg 2x daily 8 days ago, however I had all of my symptoms including insomnia, increased anxiety, and irritability before I started the Wellbutrin. These symptoms only occur when I am off the ampheta. While on Ampheta I am calm, relaxed, not anxious.

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