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This morning before work, I took my normal does of adderall, 20 mg with a multi-vitamin. I bought a gallon of water, and was drinking on it all day. At about 2 I took my 2nd dose of 10 mg. By now I had drank almost half a gallon of water. About an hour later, I started getting real lightheaded, dizzy, and numb. My whole body felt like it was tingling, my fingers curled up into a fist and hurt if i tried to move them. Then anxiety kicked in and I started freaking out, and the whole body numbness got worse, my tongue began to get numb, and my eyes were swelling shut. At this point my co-worker took me to the hospital. They hooked me up to an IV, gave me a muscle relaxer, did blood tests and ran an EKG. The doctors conclusion was that I was dehydrated and had a reaction to my medicine. I accidently left my med in my center console of my car for the past 4 days, could that have caused them to breakdown?

I have never had a reaction like this, has anybody else ever experienced something like this?
I will talk to her about the dosage and what she thinks. The weird thing is, before I was prescribed it, I tried a 20 mg IR from a friend. The results were amazing, I was concentrating like I never had before, and learned a lot. After being prescribed it, everything was good for about a week, then I wind up in the hospital. Now when I take even 10 mg, all I can think about is my racing heart. Of course my heart sped up the first time I took it, but now its all I can think about. Its almost like I am having hardcore anxiety, and am so worried about something happening, that all I think about is my racing heart, and any weird feeling I may get. Its almost like I am scaring myself into making the medicine not work, even though I am constantly telling myself that everything will be fine, and I need not worry, but yet I still do.

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