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Generic XR is now available in the U.S. Good news? No. Shire continues to guard the chicken coop. More horse manure for sure. Shire couldn't evergreen the stuff so had to license XR to Barr and so more BP, HP, and more BP where BP and HP are bull poop and horse poop respectively.

You had it right, man. Efficacy period is based on excrement.

Half-life for the Dexadrine component is 10 hrs. HL on the Benzadrine is 12 hours. What the hecks do the other two salts do? Beats me. If anyone knows they're not saying.

Adderall IR's real half-life period for me is 6 to 7 hours. I swear, my case, XR is too. Either beats Ritalin by a margin of 2.5. Ritalin, my case, all around sucks compared to Adderall.

Look at multiple Dexadrine doses as a possible solution. Dex is what works. The other crap only extends real-life efficacy period. Or bring up Adderall XR's time-at-work by adding 5mg of Dex around 3PM. I've never tried Dex legally. My illegal experiece is somewhat skewed by "excessive dosing." So let's extrapolate: Adderall IR in the 10mg or lower range will not keep me awake unless I take it at 9PM. 10mg of Adderall contains 2.5mg of dextroamphetamine.

Yeah, I'll talk to shrink about my conpiryosis next visit. No doubt Shire has a med for that too. For just a paltry $200/month. Or is it poultry?


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