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What Bob said. Mysterious stuff about the chemical workings of the various different meds. Trying different meds till you find one (or two) that work for you and that you can afford. The wonderful "graph" that isn't in graph form. :D

I take methylphenidat, 15 mg. It lasts for about 4 hours. No crash afterwards, the effects just taper off. If I had a job (or university studies which is basically the same thing), I'd take another dosage to keep the effects lasting through the day.

How (and whether) any med works for you is not really dependent on your body size or how much you weigh, from what I've heard. The meds work on your brain, and everyone has a different mix of brain receptors (this is where Bob and others jump in with the science of it all). So x amount of methyphenidat (similar to Ritalin IR) has a particular effect on my brain, but your mileage may vary.

At my dosage, the primary effect is to calm my panic when I am presented with multiple (more than one :D ) options about what to do with my time. When I panic, my brain stops functioning. With methylphenidat, I can take a deep breath, calm myself, and make some decisions, write lists, prioritize, actually get some things done. The meds don't get anything done for me. They merely calm my panic.

The meds in this dosage don't make me more alert or more intelligent, or give me more energy. They merely calm my panic, and with that peace of mind I can use whatever brain power I've got with whatever energy level is available to me for that day.

It's relatively cheap. And since it lasts for only 4 hours and doesn't build up in my system like other meds that have to be taken for several weeks before they become effective, I can decide each day if I want to take any at all, or whether taking more than one dosage is appropriate for the activities that I need to face that day.

One thing I am trying very hard to do is practice noticing what is different about my brain on meds vs my brain not on meds. On days that I don't take the meds, I try to notice when the panic is building, and practice the things that I do when I'm on the meds. This way, I have been able sometimes to stem the panic and resulting brain breakdown, and handle situations better than I would have before I started this prescription a couple of years ago. Meaning: it isn't the [U]meds[/U] that are making a difference in my life, it's what [U]I[/U] am doing with the meds.

I hope that you are able to find something tha works for you that you can afford. It sounds like you have a good shrink to work with.

And you've got Bob. :angel:


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