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It's so hard to find dependable information on the differences between the different medications, it's nice to see it summarized.

I'm not certain from my research that dextroamphetamine is less effective than levoamphetamine at stimulating norepinephrine, though it seems clear that l-amphetamine is less involved with dopamine, which is why it's apparently seen as having less potential for abuse. My own research (which means reading online, it's not like I'm doing science here) has highlighted that l-amphetamine has stronger physical effects, on the heart and the cardiovascular system, than does d-amphetamine.

Unfortunately, in my case, I'm going to be stuck with just dextro, whether I like it or not, as paying for a brand name med is just not in the cards. Fortunately, Dexadrine has not been difficult for me to obtain, as it is rated lower than Methylphenidate by Health Canada (For Methylphenidate it's a triplicate prescription that has to be filled within three days, yadda yadda yadda, while dex is no different than any other standard prescription).

Unfortunately, Bob, repackaging old medications and marking them up by thousands of percent is the standard in our neck of the woods. Couple that with the fact that everyone's for sale (*cough* doctors and politicians *cough*) and the people that have the most money get their way . . . and the drug companies have an awful lot of scratch to spread around.

Ultimately, I'm torn as to whether I should wait until my appointment with my psych in early August, and just take the Adderall in the meantime, or seek a more immediate appointment so I can try getting a dex or Ritalin dose right before school starts. I guess I'll play it by ear.

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