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Let's wrap this up with stuff I got from my shrink mixed with a little of my own interpolations I think are fairly sound:

Adderall is a different medication than Dexedrine. As we discussed, Adderall is a mixture (not a compound) of 4 amphetamine salts. Adderall contains 1 part Dexedrine - brand name for dextroamphetamine sulfate, 1 part dextroamphetamine saccharide, 1 part d,l-amphetamine aspartate monohydrate and 1 part d,l-amphetamine sulfate.

50% dextroamphetamine and 50% Benzedrine (brand name for d,l-amphetamine) is another valid Adderall abstraction. To the best of my knowledge, Benzedrine is no longer available as a stand-alone. It's Schedule II rating evidently brought about it's demise.

What we need to know:

Adderall has different properties than Dexedrine and Adderall has greater toxicity.

Adderall works better for ADHD folk who need relatively more norepinephrine than dopamine to balance the scales. Dexedrine works better for those who need both in equal measure. Over-simplified in the extreme. Hopefully conceptually correct.

Some meds such as Strattera that target only norephinephrine work well for those who are short on norephinephrine alone. We all know how it works for those short on dopamine too. It SUCKS.

Dexedrine works as a norephinephrine and dopamine reuptake inhibitor at therapeutic doses. At high doses it busts open the receptors and floods the brain with dopamine and norpehinephrine and seratonin. Unfortuneately for us ADHDers, that feels too good, which makes Dexedrine evil and hard to get in the U.S.

The Canadians evidently assume a different posture. Dexedrine at therapeutic doses is the least likely stimulant to cause adverse side-effects. Therefore it is the least likely stimulant to be abused because of self-medication. Maybe we are dumb Americans afterall.

My shrink converted my 40mg of Adderall to 30mg of Dexedrine today. I wanted less than he prescribed. He reasoned I'm used to it so won't get buzzed and he feared less would not be enough to control my ADHD at this time. As soon as Walmart get's it in, I'll switch. May be a week wait. They have no Dexedrine in stock. It's too dangerous. They do have tons of Vyvanse though. Good thing that Vyvanse Dexedrine is safe and GSK's Dexedrine is dangerous. Damn Shire anyway. Dangerous to their bottom line.

It all depends on the unique needs of our brains and the golden rule. "He who has the gold makes the rules." SUCKS.
[QUOTE=Thunor;4036562]...I'm beginning to wonder if I'm expecting a panacea that will do it all for me, and thus abdicating my responsibilities to make good decisions.

I don't know. Reflection time is required. I'll get back to you.[/QUOTE]

Dexedrine CR delivers the d-amphetamine so consistently that I don't experience any drug related ups and downs during normal awake hours.

Stated another way: Dexedrine CR does not contribute to the problem with any side-effects.

It enables me to make good decisions. I remain very capable of making bad decisions. It's up to me. A significant contributor is the ADHD coaching I've gotten through my psychologist and through this board. I'm quite sure if we pull the coaching out of the mix, I'd still be looking for the "pancea."

I want to retain a balanced view. Dexedrine CR is NOT the med for everyone. No one medication is. It will not surprise me at all if many find Adderall or Ritalin or Strattera or Wellbutrin more effective their case.

Some additional info:

My ADHD symptoms are directly proportional to the demand on my brain. Persistently too little or too much load adversely affects me.

I can work well on 20mg/day. And on low-load days, 10mg works magnificently. 30mg is required on most work days. I'm unsure about how wise it is to adjust the med on the fly.

I intend to continue days off regularly. I firmly believe days off prevent tolerance. At any rate, it is my experience.

I dumped the Celexa against shrinks wishes. I hate taking the stuff. If the depression returns, I know where the vial is. Or is it "vile?" Yeah, the latter.

The equation is set in diamond. I understand that's a dang hard stone.

Medication + coaching + time = Adult ADHD management. Put the wrong values in the variables, and we are cooked.


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