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Hi Marisuela,

Dr. Amen don't mention anything in his book about cutting back on medication as one progresses into treatment. He does point out that there's 6 types of ADD. Each one affects different parts of the brain, and that some areas of the brain need different kinds of medicine than the typical drugs known to be used for ADD.

He has a question/answer test in his book that helps one determine if they have ADD and what type(s) of ADD they have. My original psychiatrist sent me to a psychologist to be diagnosed. He determined that I did have ADD also by a question/answer test. The questions he asked were similar, but they weren't the exact same questions. All the psychologist's test determined was that I had ADD. Dr. Amen's test in his book determined that I had strong symptoms of two types of ADD, and minor symptoms of three other types of ADD. Since ADD can be caused by genetics and head injury, it's very likely I do have all five that Dr. Amens test indicated. By my mental performance in school I know I've had it since childhood. What type(s), I don't know. But after high school, I received severe head injury in an automobile accident. Severe enough to cause a personality change. So I probably need more than just the adderall.

That's why I'm looking for a doctor that uses SPECT imaging. He/she will be able to see what areas of my brain are not performing correctly, and will be able to know what drug will effect that area of the brain. Then it will just be a matter of seeing how my body responds to the drug of choice and adjusting them for maximum benefit. SPECT imaging takes away all of the guess work.

New drugs hit the market and every doctor is pushing them without consideration of their long term side effects on the human body. But a new medical device comes along allowing doctors to perform their practice via visual effects instead of guess work, and it takes years and years for the medical community to accept it. What a screwed up system.

I'll withhold my opinion on the pharmaceutical industry and their money because it's not all of the money pharmaceutical companies are making with their drugs that is keeping SPECT machines from becoming popular quicker. It's the lack of money that insurance companies will pay for the services of SPECT machines. I hope to see the day that SPECT machines are as popular as x-ray and MRI machines. Right now, I'd just like to find one with a qualified doctor to use it within 100 miles of me. But the closer the better since the prescriptions for adderall and some of the other meds used to treat ADD are controlled substances and have to be picked up monthly and in person.

Have you read Healing ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD. If not it's only $13.95 through [COLOR="Blue"]* link to commercial website removed by hb-mod, moderator * [/COLOR]. It's well spent money because of not only what it will teach you about ADD, but also the brain. And the reason I recommend buying it over getting it from a library is because you can use it to help other people suffering from ADD or their family members suffering from ADD identify that they are a family member is suffering from it, understand it, and seek help for it. But then again, I'm a Christian that will go out of my way to help others. I have plans to buy one for every teacher I know once I get called back to work from my lay-off so it will help them identify children with ADD and let them know how they can best help students with ADD. I wish a teacher would have identified I had it so I could have gotten help much sooner. But I'm 50 years old. ADD wasn't even known about when I went to school. Much less effective treatment. Now it's just a matter of getting the medical equipment and qualified doctors into society so they can treat it effectively.

Once I complete all of my research, and locate qualified doctors in my area of the country, my publicity campaign will begin. Too many people are being treated improperly causing them to refuse treatment, and giving ADD treatment a bad name. When all of us that have suffered from it all of our lives thank God we have been released from the cage we have been captive in all of our lives. I just need my medication tweaked so I can quit procrastinating about things and some of the other symptoms that go along with ADD.

Thanks for your questions and suggestions. They are new to me and I will add them to my research.


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