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Every post you got so far is absolultely correct. They are different possible solutions or good reasons to look for another solution.

Let me add another: Dexedrine. I'm very new to Dexedrine - just short of a week into it -after a switch from Adderall which I took for close to three years.

There is a few different acceptable ways to slice up Adderall. One is; 73% dextroamphetamine and 27% levoamphetamine. Levo or l-amphetamine has significantly more nasty side-effects than d-amphetamine. L-amphetamine also works on the neurotransmitters differently and so for some people Adderall works better. But not everyone - not by a long shot. My case, my response to Adderall would suggest the physical dextro to l-amphetamine ratio to be about 40% dextro and 60% levo, yes, it is subjective but a not at all an unique description.

I admire, respect and have read Dr. Amen in print and on-line. I believe also that he is the ADHD trail blazer. All other doctors concerned with ADHD either learn from him or are flunkies. My shrink is as good as Amen and doesn't like going over 40mg of Adderall because the more over 40, the greater the cardio-vascular risk.

At my prompting my shrink immediately prescribed 30mg of Dexedrine/day. It appears as if all my med troubles are over - at least for a while. My medication dose is within the acceptable risk range and I know for a certainty 60mg of Adderall wasn't the solution anyway. I'm bad, evil, criminal and tried 60mg on my own. Then I told my shrink. He whinned about how I should have asked first but his body language said "now I (the shrink) know where to go." This is clandestine ADHD operations so don't tell anyone, OK?

Ask your doctor about Dexedrine. He'll probably flip. He'll think you are a druggy and blah, blah, blah. So, if you have insurance - lots of insurance, see if he'll give you Vyvanse. It is a dextroamphetamine prodrug. That means it ain't d-amphetamine until you're body breaks off the lysine it's bound too. That means it is an extended release formulation. That means the bioavailability is spread out over time. That could mean it doesn't work. Or it works better. All depending.

I, myself, don't like "depending." It is damn difficult to get Dexedrine unless you are Canadian. You know the Canadians call us dumb Americans but, hate to say it, the Canadians are right.


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