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I went to a psychiatrist today to see about getting some medication for some pretty severe panic attacks that I've been having, anxiety and sleeping issues. This was my first visit to a psychiatrist, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

We went over my medical and family history, and what was going on in my life right now. I am currently on prozac for depression, but come to find out (according to the doc) I'm not depressed.

He told me that I have very mild agraphobia and ADD. I guess I was/am surprised by this. I have a lot of stress in my life due to having 3 kids under age 5, a husband in the military who is rarely home and I go to school. Needless to say, I'm a mother and I NEED to multitask and not all projects get done at one sitting. I also drink coffee (usually about 3 cups throughout the day that have been reheated at least 2 times each ha ha ha). He said that is contributing to my ADD. I've never had problems concentrating or getting things done, aside from when the kids need attention or I want to play with them. I also have to get the household chores done and sometimes it is done after the kids go to bed. I also do my studying at night since I won't be interrupted by the kids.

The doc said that I am ADD because I do too many things at once and don't complete them in a timely manner. To me, this is just how motherhood is, especially when your spouse is gone most of the time for work.

Does this sound like ADD? Also, what is the difference between ADD and ADHD? I was looking to get some ambien or something to help with sleep, whenever my husband is gone I have a hard time sleeping and usually keep a light on, and I go to sleep late due to housework and studies; I was also looking for something to take on an as needed basis for the anxiety (when I get high strung with the kids) and for the panic attacks. Instead, he diagnoses me as ADD ( he is the professional after all) and prescribes me concerta ER 18mg 1-2 a day and focalin XR 10mg 1-4 times a day, then cloidine 0.1mg 1-2 at night to help with sleep.

Does this sound right to anyone? Thanks in advance for the help. I do appreciate any comments you might have.

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