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I was recently, few days ago, diagnosed add (possibly seeking 2nd opinion) and am on 18mg Concerta 1-4 pills each morning and focalin XR 10 mg 1-2 each morning.

How do I know if the medicine is working? I talked to a friend of mine whose son is ADHD and she was concerned that I was taking both meds at the same time. I left a messge for the doc to call me back about it, but I'm pretty sure he did tell me to take both. Anyhow, my friend said that if the medicine makes me hyper and full of energy then I don't have ADD and that the meds are doing nothing but making me high. I don't really feel that, but I don't feel "mellow" either.

How long does it take for these meds to work, I thought it was almost instantaneous. Also, I have a follow-up appt in 2 weeks to discuss the meds. We discussed several at my first visit and the psychiatrist decided these 2 would be good starting points. Will I know if I need to ask to change the doseage or type of medication?I just want to be prepared as possible.

Thanks in advance.
So your dose can vary between 28 and 92mg of Methylphenidate every morning? Wow.

Talk to your doctor again, and you may need a second opinion. 72mg (4 18mg tablets) is the maximum recommended dose for Concerta for treatment of ADHD. For Focalin, the recommended dosage for adults is 20-40mg daily. I'm afraid your doctor is pushing the limits awfully quickly without taking the time to evaluate your response to the meds and/or doses.

You may, on the advice of your doctor, decide to mix these meds, but because the active ingredient is the same for both Concerta and Focalin (methylphenidate) I would not recommend taking both at the same time, especially when you're taking the maximum recommended dose of one of those meds.

Generally, with ADHD meds, you start low and work your way up, 3 days to a week at each dose to evaluate how it's working for you before you consider stepping up. I would recommend starting with the Concerta at 1 tablet in the morning to see how things go, and give it a few days before stepping up to two tablets. Rinse and repeat . . . until you get the effect you're looking for. If you've reached the maximum dose of the Concerta and find that it's not working for you, discontinue taking the Concerta, and repeat the same process with the Focalin, but do not exceed the prescribed dose.

If you go through both of these meds to the maximum prescribed level and are still not happy with the results, then I would report these results to the doctor who may then choose to adjust your dose again, or consider a different medication.

To answer your original question, with stimulant medications for ADHD (both Concerta and Focalin are stimulants), you should see results on the first day, and they should happen quickly, certainly within the first 2-3 hours. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you should expect to gain from ADHD meds, considering your symptoms, though you may find you're more alert and able to concentrate better on a single task, rather than moving on to other tasks before completion of the first.

I'm going to put up a response to your original thread once I post this, I apologize that I haven't already, I didn't notice it until today.

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