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Thunor wrote:
A. Focalin at the same dose is more potent that Ritalin, because Focalin is Dextromethylphenidate while Ritalin is Racemic?
B. Do prescriptions for both come in roughly the same doses, or is Focalin generally prescribed at lower doses?

A.Ans: Gee golly I knows what racemic means!!! Yes, Ritalin (methyphenidate) is racemic - got the levo and the dextro. See I do know - thanks to you, Thu.

B.Ans: Focalin is prescribed much lower in the lower 48 ... and in Canada too. Whereas 60mg is considered tops for Ritalin, Focalin tops out at 20 mg.

Relevance to you, jef2902; the potency gap between Adderall and Foculin is not as great as between Adderall and Ritalin.

My family doctor saw a large improvement when her kids went from Ritalin to Adderalll. Who knows? Perhaps you will too with a Foculin to Adderall switch. Foculin is closer chemically to Ritalin than it is Adderall.

I find it interesting that Foculin's recommended max dose is half that of Adderall's. Any relevance?

Don't know. But dog-gone-it, I do know what rancid means. :D


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