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Thank you for the replies.

I did start at 10mg and there was no change. I was at 10mg for three weeks before bumping up to 20mg. I suppose it makes sense that we should have tried the 15mg prior to the 20mg. My guess is that since there was no noticeable change with the 10mg it made sense to try the 20mg.

When I'm not in class or studying, I (in my 27 years) have learned to cope with most of my symptoms (though everyone that knows me loves me when I'm on meds).

On the 20mg, I did have a week where I was not able to get angry/upset/mad. It was hilarious. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't. When I spoke to my doc about it he put me on Lexapro starting with 5mg (no change) then after two weeks up to 10mg. However, after a just a few days on the 10mg I was a mess. Emotional and crying over every little thing (which is not at all me). So, my doc immediately had me stop the Lexapro and I was back to just the Adderall.

Now that I'm typing all of this, maybe I need to try other options. I did try Ritalin and Concerta before Adderall and both had weird side effects. On Concerta I would find myself in places and couldn't remember how I got there or what I was doing, basically losing time. On Ritalin I got terrible nausea and headaches.

I am also diagnosed with GAD. All of this is putting me in overdrive especially since I'm not taking the Adderall which helped with both the ADD and the GAD.

What other medications have worked for people?

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