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I can't stay out of this exceptionally intelligent exchange. I'll do my best to maintain the standard.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep causes attention problems in everyone and exponentially worsens the attention deficit experienced by those with the named disorder of ADHD.

My best guess at the sequence that ended in your son's improvement follows: His change to an environment requiring less attention enabled his Adderall discontinuance. The resulting sleep improvement alleviated his agitation. Your son is a smart young man. I congratulate him.

I never experienced more than a low level headache with some manageable lethargy for a day or so after an abrupt amphetamine cessation. I think that typical yet acknowledge many experience far worse withdrawals from therapeutic doses. On the other hand, I've experienced brutal withdrawals from SSRI's and I'm told that NSRI (Wellbutrin) withdrawals are more brutal. Warn your son so that if he does cold turkey the Wellbutrin he'll understand why he has lightning bolts zapping his brain.

My wife extended the time for my reply by insisting I watch an act on America's Most Talented. I rated most of the acts so far in the range of mediocre to good. The girl, Paula Pedulla, my wife made me listen to, blew out what's left of my brain. Paula is a Sarah Brightman class singer. She has no serious competition for the win. Tonight she went from housewife amateur singer to super star. Mark my words.

Thu, are you going for Doctor of Psychiatry degree? Your posts give me that impression. I'll have to start thinking before writing for embarrassment avoidance reasons.


Chris you got in a post I haven't considered before gettin this one off. My wife caused the sychronization problem. :D

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