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One apparent irony of the USAF and RAF (unless things have changed in the last 2 or 3 years) is that use of Dexedrine is very widespread. 'Go Pills' are very common in the air force for long flights or cases where sleep deprivation is possible, ... .[/QUOTE]

So are the 'Stop Pills.' Nothing has changed. To quote Tom Cruise's character [I][COLOR="Blue"]Maverick[/COLOR][/I] "I have a need, a need ... for speed." More than high velocity fighters and motorcycles are implied. Stopping all types can be problematic. 'Stop Pills' to the rescue. Kind of like thrust reversers.

BTW, Top Gun is one of the very few movies that I watched more than once ... four times I believe. A most ADHD friendly flick. Nothing quite like throwing an inverted "bird."

On the BPD issue: I'm with you, Thu, that it is not likely. I know someone with full blown BPD. Numerous times I've seen him praise biz associates one day then curse them as worthless the very next. The rapid change in disposition can look like an ADHD game Dr. Amen identifies as the "I say the opposite of what you say" game. The disagreement brings stimulation to the ADHD while the irritation drives away the opponent who is often a spouse or good friend. The ADHD sufferer sees the unwanted consequence and responds with contrition. The love to hate switch of the BPD appears to be permanent.

No doubt about it. It is always best to get a formal diagnosis from a professional before attempting repairs including do-it-yourself repairs. The shame lies in the difficulty in finding mental health professionals.

Yes, double caveats, warnings, flashing red lights and sirens: Trying to help someone get help is most often received with hostility.


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