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Hey guys,

This is my first post despite the fact that I've been reading many of the threads on this website recently. I would like to know how reducing tolerance to Adderall works. I have been taking Adderall for about 6 weeks now, and before that, it was Vyvanse for 2 weeks. I made the switch pretty quickly because I didn't feel that Vyvanse maintained its effectiveness throughout the latter parts of the day. I currently take Adderall IR 20 MG BID. In the last week, my system has clearly accepted Adderall as a normal thing and therefore I barely feel anything anymore. I'm not necessarily speaking in terms of the euphoria. I really don't feel it kicking in anymore. I want to note that in the six weeks in which I've been on the pills, I have not yet taken a full day off from it. Would this be the solution to the problem? I know that raising it to the 30 MG pill BID will only be effective for another 6 weeks until I'm stuck in this mess. I have a feeling the the solution to this predicament lies in the whole "drug holiday" thing. I really want someone to explain to me, in some detail, how tolerance works with this drug. Now I want to also note that I have an extremely fast metabolism. I'm two months clean from cocaine, but when I used to use it, I'd pass drug tests within a day and a half. So considering its that fast, I'd like to know if that is a plus for me. Does Adderall tolerance go down when the drug is completely out of your system? I would also like to say that I already am aware of L-tyrosine and Magnesium and things of that nature, so please don't comment on that topic. I'm looking for an answer in regards to drug holidays and the science behind tolerance being reduced. Thanks guys!

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