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Female ADD
Nov 8, 2009
My husband and I are raising our two grandchildren, a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old granddaughter. Recently our granddaughter was diagnosised with "female" ADD and was prescribed the new drug "Vyvanse" in it's lowest dose.
We did not have a clue about ADD or ADHD until this became a problem with our granddaughter. We have had the children now for five years and just this past summer the systoms starting to appear after an emotional set back with her mother.
When school started her teacher began to see the systoms as well and since she had expereince teaching students with ADD she recommended the she see her doctor and get tested.
Sure enough she had ADD and we discussed with her doctor what would be the best meds for her to take. We had researched all the different treatments available for children and do not like what we saw until her doctor recommended Vyvanse in very small doses.
The one thing I really dreaded was having to deal with having to experiment as she needed to tweek meds for what would work for her. I prayed that this med would be the right one first time and we did not have to go through all that tramua.
We found out that "female" ADD systoms are different for girls than boys, a fact we did not know. So when she was showing signs of depression, shyness cryng jags, confusion and troubling focusing we just thought she was being a average seven year old, testings her bountries!
Soon it began to get worst and we now found that she was becoming very destructive with all her personal things as well as our's! She did not seem to be doing it deliberately and at times seem totally unaware that she was doing it. Her communication skills were also affected, talking babyish, unable to play without emotional meltdowns or even able to carry on an intelectual conversation with us or her brother.
This frustrated her brother very much and soon he did not want to even play with her any more, ending in a screaming match between the two of them.
She was sloppy, did not want to practice good hygiene any more, and would not get up for school. Each morning became a battle ground and I dreaded when I had to go to her room to attempt to wake her up!
....but! After one week of taking the Vyvanse she started to become a totally different person! Her grades went up, her writing was no longer illegible and she was starting to take an intest in her appearance and her room! Since then it has been almost three months and she is doing great with even more improvements in her life. There is no serious side effects except when it begins to wear off at bed time and she just crashes and sleeps through the night, which was another problem for her.
I wake her faithfully every morning and give her the pill and she does it without any big scences like before. She is now ready at 6:00 to get through school all day while it begins to wear off just in time for bedtime at 7:30-8:00pm.
She does have a decrease in her appetite and we give her smaller portions for school lunch and dinner and she is doing just great. Our doctor also recomended that we DO NOT skip weekends, especially since she has visitation with her father and that would not be a very understanding enviroment if she is not able to behave.
We still have an occassional melt down, but we now handle those times much differently then before. We also do not use her ADD as an excuse to misbehave and now when she has reached her limit (or mine!) we has a new ways to react to it... I highly recomend a combination of the Vyvanse and behavior moderfication to get the ball rolling with this condition.
Thanks, Maria W.

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