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Thanks again for replying, so good to know I'm not alone. Today is day 2 on Vyvanse and I felt like I was on total caffeine overload yesterday, that may be the very reason I was off my butt and doing things around the house all day yesterday! I wound up taking a 1/2 of a Xanax around 5pm and then a whole tablet at midnight when I was totally and completely wound up. Did not get to sleep until 3am. Glad I started on a weekend. Amazingly enough, my Krill Oil and PS came yesterday while I was out and about. I spent quite a bit of my awake time last night reading about the KO and am very excited about it. From what i have read, it doesn't sound like I need more than one 500 mg tab a day, at least based on a certain doctor's blog I was reading, lots of Q&A's on it. I did take one last night and one again this morning. This morning I also took the PS. I honestly believe that my ADD is the primary cause of my total lack of motivation to do anything in life anymore. Honestly, because my focus has been so completely out of control for the past year, I feel paralyzed most of the time. I was on antidepressants for 14 years and I have not felt the "depression" in my gut or in my brain when I wake up since I went off the Lexapro almost 2 months ago. I went off of the Lexapro because my concentration was so bad that I thought it might be affecting it. I am nearly certain that the depression will creep back up (always does after some time) but it hasn't yet. I did not have any luck with the Adderall so am a little bummed to read that the Vyvanse is perhaps a cousin to it or has the same properties? I guess one problem I may have is not knowing if the Krill Oil, PS, or Vyvanse are what is working. I should probably introduce each slowly but I am so wanting to speed up the process after having felt so horrible this past year.

Thanks for listening and sharing.

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