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Thank you for both of your prompt responses. We have tried high DHA fish oil but not the specific krill oil, Bob, you had previously discussed or the phosphatidylserine that you mentioned. Great idea. And yes, I've read Amen's book, unfortunately his only recommendations for the inattentive type is L-tyrosine (which we've tried) and Adderall (which my child is allergic to both class of stimulants).

And Brocallie, great suggestion on the Intuniv. Our psychiatrist just gave a trial sample of it but I'm scared to try it because I'm worried he may have the same rash, as Pycnogenol and Intuniv seem to work similarly in the system as antihypertensives. Keep the ideas coming! I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks.

By the way, how do you get a 7 year old to exercise? Real exercise. I mean, he likes football and playing with his neighbors and is a generally active kid. But it's not like he would let me put him on a treadmill or take a run with me. He would throw a fit! He is also not the kind of kid that would let me sign him up for a bunch of activities because after school he just wants to free play after being in school for 7 hours...Suggestions?

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