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[QUOTE=ilovecheese;4165268]hey im 16 and i have ADD... i stoped taking my pills along time ago because thay did make me depressed and i could not sleep because the pills hold all that energey in you the hold day so you dont ack out then when it wares off at bedtime your wired and cant sleep so i stoped taking them and i felt so much better pills dont work thats all im trying to say and you dont eat much when your on em its not right so i think you sould not go with the pills :)[/QUOTE]

How do you cope with school? My daughter is 13 with ADD. I just took her to the doctor and was given 10 mg of adderall. She took her first dose yesterday and was miserable all day. She was quiet, distant, looked sick, couldn't eat and when she did eat she felt nauseaus. I was against the medicine in the first place. She's been struggling since elementary school and is now in the 8th grade. We study and she fails tests. She cannot get math. The reason I decided to try medicine is because it hurts to see her struggle but I rather her struggle and try an alternative medicine than her be sick to get an A in class. So how do you cope in school? I don't have ADD so I don't know how she feels even though I ask her. Thanks

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