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I haven't taken Focalin, but I have taken Ritalin which is similar (though not precisely the same). I found Ritalin to work well, and I found that I wasn't overly irritable.

That said, any stimulant medication has the potential to cause anxiety and irritability. Focalin is worth a try though, because not only are you going to a slightly different medication (dextromethylphenidate vs. amphetamine), but Focalin tries to treat you with the chemical equivalent of a scalpel, as opposed to Adderall's sledgehammer.

As I mentioned, Focalin is dextromethylphenidate, which is a component of methylphenidate, which is the med from which Ritalin is made. The difference is that with Focalin, the other chemical that makes up racemic methylphenidate :dizzy: (the one sometimes blamed for the worst of the side effects) is removed, thus hopefully giving you the best bang for your buck, and reducing the likelyhood of unwanted effects. All this, of course, is theory; the only way to tell how you'll react to a medication is to give it a try.

Sorry if it seems I got overly technical, at the end of the day, the important things to know are that Focalin is more focused than Adderall, and is overall a slightly different medication. An excellent thread to peruse should you be really interested in the various meds and how things work, check out , some of us discuss many of the meds at length here, and on page two I do my best to explain my layman's understanding of the technical terms I used above.

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